Thursday, June 28, 2007


I can't even tell you how far beyond miffed I am at this moment. Someone (and I do know who Dustin!!) decided to use my sewing machine yesterday while I was at work andwithout my permission. That same someone (Dustin!) preceded, in short order no doubt, to jam up the bobbin. Not knowing how to fix this, the suspect in question seems to have taken apart the do-dad that holds the bobbin in place. Now the worst part of this offense is that it was not mentioned to me, but instead, left for me to find on my own as the criminal was off at a babysitting job all evening. I am possibly the most mechanically UN-inclined person you have ever met, so can not seem to figure out how to put this back together. Could have something to do with the blood boiling in my eyes and ears, so I will calmly (yeah, right!) leave the room for now. All I can say is that it is a very good thing that the outlaw has a summer job and has been banking some money, because I can almost feel a new machine in my future!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Riff was gone all last week on his yearly white-water river trip. Every year him and his buddy, Britt, meet up somewhere and float for a week. Riff dearly loves to be on the river, any river, doesn't really matter where. This year Britt came out from Wyoming and they met up in the mountains of Northern California to float the Trinity River. They had a blast as usual, but Riff was a little disappointed that the water was already so far down this early in the season. They enjoyed some good floats on some class II's and maybe a few Class III rapids, but nothing like the 4's and 5's that they like to hit every year. He called me on Friday, sounding all dejected. They had decided to move camp clear up to the Sacramento River outside of Shasta City. When they got there, they had absolutely no floating water at all, so should have stayed put for those few days they had left. He had decided to come home early, so I helped him talk himself into stopping and checking out the McKenzie River outside of Eugene on his way home. He met up with some guys from Tigard who guide on the river and had a good time swapping river stories and getting some info from them on the Oregon rivers that he has not yet floated. He ended up rigging out his cat-a-raft and tailing their float for a six mile stretch. Safer than floating alone and he had a lift back to his truck. He was really glad that he decided to check it out on his way through. I think it made up for the lost day on Friday.
Every year they have to take some pictures of the whole stack of rafts, blown up and ready to take to the put-in. This year looks like Riff climbed aboard to model. What a silly man.

I had a very nice quiet week, finished a couple of projects and watched a couple of my favorite movies, but still, it's nice to have him back home.

May you all be blessed with good water and safe voyages down your rivers...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I saw a quote the other day, although I can't remember where. It went something like this:
"Joy is always looking for us."
It made me stop and think about what little joys are always finding me. Here is a short list of things that make me grin, in no particular order ~

1) Peppermint tea

2) A cozy blanket and a good book

3) The smell of rain.

4) The sound of our cuckoo clock.

5) Warm sand between my toes.

6) Measuring and mixing for some yummy baked goods.

7) The smell of playdough.

8) Yarn.

9) Pumpkins.

10) Pigs!
(all photos courtesy of Flicr)

What are some of the simple joys that find you?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the bullheaded men in my life. Love you all!
(photo courtesy of my sister, Stacey, who snapped this in Yellowstone Park yesterday.

Where Have All the Roses Gone?

This is the little bugger that has had my roses, geraniums and dahlia's for dinner recently. I don't recall inviting him...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just a Memory...

"We were brave
we were crazy
we were mostly young ~
wishin' we were older..."
YOUNG by Kenny Chesney

Middle School is just a memory for Dustin and his friends now. 8th grade graduation and the much anticipated dance took place last night. Dustin came home tired and worn out but with a face full of light and pride. The ceremony was put together very nicely. The band and choir did a great job with very upbeat selections. The journalism class put together a really fun slide show of the last two years and had a video at the end of individual kids and teachers dancing in the halls. Very entertaining.

They were all dressed so nice and looking so grown up. Little freshman babies next year ~ Upward and Onward!

"Man I don't know where the time goes
but it sure goes fast,
just like that~"

Sunday, June 10, 2007

To Us...

Friday was our anniversary. Five years of wedded bliss. We celebrated with dinner at Little Bayou in Seaside and then a long walk down the prom and back on the beach. Several groups of people had made campfires, the weather was nice and the air smelled of sea. I told Riff that even with this being our third year here, evening walks like this on the beach still feel exotic and vacation-like to me. It's so beautiful here.

I love the dune grass. It's so pretty and fun to walk through. Watch out though, it is sharp. No bare feet in here!


OH NO! There seems to be shoes in my sand...

As darkness decends, the star(fish) light up.

To Us...(the sound of glasses clinking together)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Three Little Duckies

I finally finished another diaper bag. This bag has been knit, felted and just waiting for the finishing touches for quite a little bit, but by golly it's finally done. I absolutely love how this one turned out. It will be flying to Germany for our very first grandchild who is due to arrive the beginning of August. We can't wait to meet little Ethan John!

Here's a bib I made for Ethan using Monica's crayon technique. This pattern was obviously my inspiration for the felted appliques that I made for the diaper bag.

I found the perfect fabric at the little quilt shop downtown to use for the back and for the ties to this bib. Look at the little duckies rowing the boat. Cute! I have enough left to make something else. I wonder what it will be...

Sunday, June 03, 2007


My Mother's Day gift this year was two unfinished Adirondack chairs. I was so excited, had wanted some forever. But what a dilema I faced. What colors to choose? I knew I wanted bright and after seeing the bright green ones out at Farmhouse Funk, I chose green for one. Did I want them both the same color or different colors? Coral? Red? Blue? White? Aqua? The list could go on and on. I finally went down the dark dank steps to our dungeon basement to check out what was in the towering stack of paint cans down there and ~ Lo and Behold ~ I came across this Harmony Violet left over from Shilo's room. A different matte than my green but a spray can of polyerethene took care of that right away. While painting I couldn't decide if I was going to like the purple, but after finishing them I believe that I do. Sit down and have a glass of Orange Rosemary tea with me...

This is the view from my darling little chairs. I know you're not supposed to speak ill of the deceased, but my flower bed is doing so much better this year without Hannah bouncing on it. (I'm sorry, Hannah, we miss you and know you have lots of pretty flowers to bounce on in doggy heaven. Who's a good girl? Yes, you are!)

Look how pretty my chives are this year. They are providing a nice landing space and a good meal for the local bumblebees. I should probably get out there and do a little harvesting so they will continue to bloom. Sour cream and chives are your potato, ma'am?

Chammomile that has re-seeded itself from last year. I just love these delicate little blossoms. They kind of have an apple scent, and make the most delightful tea!

May you all be blessed with a relaxing garden view...