Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just a Memory...

"We were brave
we were crazy
we were mostly young ~
wishin' we were older..."
YOUNG by Kenny Chesney

Middle School is just a memory for Dustin and his friends now. 8th grade graduation and the much anticipated dance took place last night. Dustin came home tired and worn out but with a face full of light and pride. The ceremony was put together very nicely. The band and choir did a great job with very upbeat selections. The journalism class put together a really fun slide show of the last two years and had a video at the end of individual kids and teachers dancing in the halls. Very entertaining.

They were all dressed so nice and looking so grown up. Little freshman babies next year ~ Upward and Onward!

"Man I don't know where the time goes
but it sure goes fast,
just like that~"


Wende said...

Congratulations Dustin!!

(and you too, Mom!)

Kathleen said...

They look so proud and happy... highschool is an adventure. I bet he's looking forward to it, but probably not as much as summer break! ;)

See you Friday! :)

Lucy said...

Oh my gosh--where does the time go?? I can remember my first day as a freshmen as if it were yesterday!

The kids look beaming--congratulations on this milestone--and best of luck as they embark on the next one!

Jeni said...

You're so very right about how quickly the time does go by. Seems like just yesterday I was a lowly freshman too in high school and yet, that was almost half a century ago! Incredible! I think I'm fighting a bit of the aging blues -if there is such a thing - seeing my kids grown now into adults, grandchildren getting big (and obnoxious too for the toddler stage is upon us) and my life is at least 75% of it -if not more - behind me now. I'm not exactly relishing today I guess you could say.

happy Zombie said...

A big congrats to Dustin! How very exciting (and maybe a wee bit sad for you Paula... your baby is growing up).

I can't get over how much Dustin has changed since the first time I met him! He went from a kid to a young man. He looks SO MUCH like you in those photos too!

Cris said...

Congratulations! I attended high school in the US and loved it, I bet he'll have fun! Oh Paula, please come and we'll have tea and talk! :-)

Stacey said...

Wow, So weird!
My little Dustin in High School!
How did that happen?
He looks so hansom in his tux!!
Congradulations Dustin!!!

LEArning4Him: Lea Family Homeschool said...

Wow. Amazing your youngest is older than my oldest! Boy does he have the family looks!!!!!!!