Monday, April 07, 2008

Get Off the Fence

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Have you ever gotten some advice that has stuck with you for a long time? Quite a few years back now, I was a single mom raising my three kids and working two full time jobs to make ends meet. I was busy, busy, busy and trying to be a good mom at the same time. I was an escrow officer by day and a waitress/bartender in a fun steakhouse by night. The kids soccer games, trying to keep up on the housework and working Friday and Saturday nights took up the weekends. I did not date, was not interested in doing so for several years. My boss and good friend who is a college rodeo coach and PRCA Dodge spokesperson gave me some advice that I have never forgotten. And not because I listened to him, but just because it was so humorous. He was telling me that I needed to take some time for myself and that I needed to start dating again, but being an old cowboy (if he was reading this, he would take offense to my use of the word old. Sorry, Del, you know what I mean!), and his advise to me was:
"It's time to get off the fence and back in the chute." Hysterical ~ it still cracks me up!
Have you ever been given some advise or such that kicks around in your head because it's just so funny? What was it?


Anonymous said...

A long time ago a streetwise old cop told me:

"Kid, never pass up an opportunity to keep your mouth shut"

Through the years I remembered it at times I was able to heed the advice or times when I should've but didnt.. .

tipper said...

One that I sometimes wish wasn't ingrained in my head "if your going to do it, do it right". It aggravates me when I hear my Mom's voice saying that in my head-because it usually means I have to tear it all apart and start over on whatever I am doing! I am proud she taught me to appreciate a well done job.

Mimi said...

when I was all dressed up to go somewhere my mom would always say to me "just remember dear..pretty is as pretty does...and you look pretty so act likewise"

happy zombie said...

Years ago, I think I was a senior in high school... I heard Marie Osmond comment to someone about not drinking and not doing drugs... that it went beyond her religious beliefs. She said (and I paraphrase because that was a LONG time ago), that drinking/drugs were "artificial happiness". From that day on, she became my personal hero.

And I've always loved Mary E's "Bloom Where You're Planted". Very profound for me!

Susan said...

I always wanted to show my cheery side and not let anyone know if there were troubles in my life. A good friend, Geri, once weasled information out of me that was less than positive. I felt terrible for telling her, like she might think less of me. But her comment was "How can anyone help if they don't know what is wrong?!!!" I realized then that sometimes my role in life is to accept help. I am still not terribly good at this, but Geri's comment comes back to me and I hold my head proud, knowing I am taking my turn in receiving so another may give for a moment.