Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sea Lion Hugs

What would happen if you hugged a sea lion?
Would he smile and hug you back?
Would he ask you to hop on
and tell you to hang on tight?
Would he take you for a ride?
Would he bark at you happily
and show you to his friends?
Would he teach you how to catch a fish?
Would he help you learn to swim?


Would he bark and growl and carry on?
Would he tell you to go away?
Would he push you off of his rock?
Would you be afraid of him?
Would he say that you woke him up?
Would he smack you with a fin?

What would happen if YOU hugged a sea lion?


Jeni said...

He'd most likely smack me with a fin. I dunno -never been around one so it's beyond my realm of comprehension but I loved your poem about this.

Adrienne said...

Hi Paula -
I think he would clap his fins and hug me back! Then I think he would take me for an adventure like I've never imagined possible. Fun thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

the reality is it would likely bite your arm off

Razor Family Farms said...

So cute!

I want one!



Stacey's Treasures said...

This is so cute!
They must brand some of them. I see one of them has numbers on him.
The smaller one is smiling, maby it would let me hug it?

Beckynsc said...

I don't know, but part of me would like to give it a try. Maybe, I should just stick to the stuffed ones.

Happy Zombie said...

A sea lion would say to me, "Is that a fish in your pocket... or are you happy to see me". Then I'd have to explain to the sea lion that I'm a girl, and spend endless hours explaining things. She would then start dozing off... hop in the water and swim away to nap somewhere quiet.

Mimi said...

did you ever swim with a sea lion?
I'm not sure what he would do...
but I don't think I want to find out!!

Sweet P said...

Cute photos and great poem! I'm not sure I could get close enough to a sea lion to learn the answer.

Yolanda said...

I love seeing these guys when I go to the coast.

tipper said...

Such a cute poem-and the pictures are cute too! I bet he would bark for sure.

Brittany said...

i'm pretty sure he would hug me back and we would become lifelong friends and then i could hug him whenever i'm feeling blue.

Razor Family Farms said...

I came back by to read that poem again!!!


Mary said...


We were very close to sea lions when we were in Sea World, Florida last January. The sea lions to come to the trainers there at feeding time. Otherwise they pretty much ignore the humans.

In my imagination, I would love to hug a seal lion. It would put its fin around me and hug me back. What fun.