Saturday, November 15, 2008

November Skies

Air that I breathe smells of fall;
Birds in the air heed that call.
Crispness surrounds us
Driving them south,
Each Flock a large family
with one goal in mind.
Geese start to gather
with other birds
In lakes and on ponds,
Just gathering strength to carry on,
Knowing that the cold is coming soon,
they are Leaving their northern summer homes.
Moving in formation,
Noisily they fly
On and on across our blue skies.
Passing over wheat fields,
Quickly taking a break,
Returning to the air before it gets to late.
Southern air is warmer,
The winters nicer there.
Undulating geese are talking in the air.
Visions of fall
Wave before my eyes,
an eXplosion of color and sounds.
Yellow leaves are rustling in the wind;
Geese are Zipping through the air.


I wrote this poem as an exercise in a writing workbook. You had to start your story or poem with the word air, then the rest of the alphabet was scattered on the page, most of them at the beginning of a line, and you had to use them as you got to them. I like the poem, but think the pattern made it feel a bit stiff.

(I have recently found ANOTHER favorite blog ~ The Fraker Farm ~ You've got to go over there and read Farm Chick Paula's Accidental Shepherd story. She's telling it in parts and it is so darn sweet!)


Jeni said...

Good job on the poem, Paula. I felt like I was watching, seeing the geese on their flight back south. Which also reminded me that I haven't seen any geese this year, flying south. Wonder why that is as usually sometime during the fall months, we will have at least one large flock, if not several, of geese heading south for the winter.

Adrienne said...

Nice poem, Paula. You are so talented! You got 'hammered' by the storm a couple of days ago, didn't you? Hope all is well at your house. ~Adrienne~

Stacey's Treasures said...

I think this is a neat poem.
I'm thinking about taking an online journalism class, but I'm kind of chicken. It's three credits,so it might be hard & I don't type very fast.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Love your poem and your pictures!

We see all kinds of birds fly through here on their way to some southern paradise.

Mimi said...

great job on the poem...and the pictures you illustrated it with are perfect...