Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Virus' are everywhere at our house. First a nasty cold that turned into pneumonia in Dustin, then my computer caught it too. The Trojan virus (don't they make condoms for that?!), came on into my computer uninvited. Seems it piggy-backed in on my thumb drive when I transferred some pictures from our old computer. Apparently it can do that even when you don't know that the first computer is infected. It seems to be a "carrier". And my anti-virus protection and my firewall didn't catch it for some reason. When the Trojan gets in there and gets comfy, it invites it's friends just like in the Mucinex commercial. Pretty soon, it has attacked your whole computer world. My machine went to the doctor and came back in a few days all fixed up, or so we thought. It worked a couple of hours and now is worse than when we started so it looks as if my hard drive is going to have to either be rebuilt or replaced. Very frustrating and irritating. I have snuck on Shilo's computer to check my email and do this quick post, but she is in the process of being a big girl and moving into her own apartment so this access will be gone very shortly as well.

I wanted you all to know that I am still alive, but won't be posting for a few more days or out visiting you all. Hope things are well in your worlds and remember, always wear your computer condoms. Farewell my friends. I hope to "see" you soon!


Adrienne said...

Missing you but glad to know what's happening. See you when all is well! ~Adrienne~

Jeni said...

UGH! Colds, allergies, pneumonia, viruses of the computer kind too -who's to say which type is the ugliest! All bad, all nasty! We've had the cold and allergy crapola here. Somehow or other, Kurtis -with his allergies, manages ot get a cold which he is always ultra generous too and manages to share his colds with me! ARRGH! This one wasn't too bad though as colds and stuff like that go. Seen worse, that's for sure. Hope the computer doesn't get sick from anything cause that costs a whole lot more than it does to buy Contact Cold tablets, huh?

Twisted Fencepost said...

I hope Dustin is getting better! He can't have his hard drive replaced. tee hee
We miss ya and hope to see you back here soon!

ancient one said...

All those sickness will expain all your absences.. hope all improve quickly.

We're using protection..

Love Bears All Things said...

Uh Oh, Sorry to hear about the virus but your post was a hoot.
Mama Bear

Tipper said...

I've been wondering about you! Hope all of you including the puter are well soon!!

Adrienne said...

Oh man ... they say those Trojans can rip ;-)

Sorry to hear about all your troubles. We've been sick here too. It just stinks.

Mary said...


I'm sorry that the viruses have struck you from all sides. I hope Dustin is feeling better and that your computer can be fixed.

Thinking of and missing you.

Stacey's Treasures said...

I've had a cold since I got back to. I'm trying to be a good girl & take my vitemens so it will go away.
I started on the bag that I got to make at the quilt shop. I think it will turn out cute.
Hope your computer gets fixed soon & doesn't cost gobs of money.

Happy Zombie said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear of your virus! I hope you're able to retrieve all of your stuff!

NOT to rub salt in your wounds... but Mac's don't have these problems. Maybe you'll consider coming over to our side (all I need is one more convert and I get my toaster oven). You can even get a mac-mini and use your existing monitor with it. Come on over and play with one of mine and see how you like it. I'll have wine too. Maybe next week sometime?

Hope Dustin is on the mend (all of you!) and waving to you from across the bay!