Monday, October 26, 2009

Child Of Glass

Sleeping lies the murdered lass;
Vainly cries the Child of Glass.
When the two shall be as one,
the spirits journey will be done.

This poem riddle from the 1977 Disney movie Child of Glass has remained in my noggin all these years. I loved tales about ghosts when I was a kid and this old Disney movie was one of my favorites. I have often tried to find a copy of this movie over the years but without much luck. It was released on video sometime in the 80's but not yet ever released on DVD. When I have located a copy on ebay, the bidding has gone up to an incredible amount so I've always dropped out pretty early on. Anyway, Child of Glass is one of those movies that I would have to watch every October if I had it in my possession.

It is the story of Alexander, whose family moves to an old mansion that, surprise surprise, turns out to be haunted by a little ghost girl named Inez. Inez' spirit is stuck in this world until the riddle is solved, releasing her to move on and once again reunite with her family. This is a great old movie, full of wonderful ghostly special effects.

Do you enjoy ghostly movies this time of year? What are some of your favorites? I don't do super scary, mostly the fun magical ones. Stay tuned this week for more of my favorites.


Shelby said...

I've never heard of this movie.. looks great! I do hope you find it soon one day on DVD.

Copper said...

Check this one out Pie...

Paula said...

Oh Wow! Thanks Ryan. That's way too cool! I'm going to get it!

Stacey's Treasures said...

I love that movie!!!
Yes, ghost movies are my very favorite!
I like to watch "The Twilight Zone" to.

Pat said...

I also remember the poem. I was looking around for a dvd or vhs tape of the show. I sure did love Sunday nights when I was a child.

Teresa said...

This is also one of my favs - the poem has been stuck in my head for years! I checked eBay today (6/5) and auction #170426566192 has 3 copies - Great/Excellent Condition
w/Original Cover in a FREE Plastic Case to protect its Cover - BIN @ $32.99 + 3 s & h.

Picture Quality is Excellent

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This is one w/o a cover for $9.50 but it gets over in an hour so I hope you see this quick! Just search ebay for "child of glass". Good luck!