Sunday, January 10, 2010

We Had Some Chickens

Today's the day that the Cricket Flat chicken flock finds out where their new home is going to be, but before I make the final announcement, I thought that in the spirit of fun, a little entertainment was in order.
This little ditty that you're about to read was sung around the campfire during my 6th grade Outdoor School adventure. (Yes, strange little songs and poems seem to stick in my head. We all have a special talent and that, I'm afraid, is mine...)
Now, I want you all to sing along. A campfire song isn't fun with only one voice making all the noise and frankly, you really don't want to hear just me singing. It's atrocious to say the least...
Here we go~

(sing slowly and sadly)
We had some chickens,
No eggs would they lay.

We had some chickens,
No eggs would they lay.

My wife said
This isn't funny.
We're losing money.

(pick the beat up a bit here, a little more joy in your voice)
Then one day a rooster
Came into our yard
And caught those chickens
Right off of their guard.

(Fast tempo, sing happily and clap along)
They're laying eggs now
Just like they use ter
Ever since that rooster
came into our yard.

They're laying eggs now
Just like they use ter
Ever since that rooster
came into our yard!

Wahoo! Good job, everybody. We all deserve S'Mores!!

Now for the big announcement. Our sweet little flock of chickens, by the randomness of, is going to live with.....Adrienne of
Some of a Kind ! They are super excited for the trip and their new home. Chickens are a bit more adventurous than you might suppose. These guys have talked about nothing else for days now. It's getting rather old, actually. You know the old saying "cackling like a bunch of hens"? Believe me, the rooster is just as bad.

Here is Adrienne's winning comment:
That story is too funny! I'm sure not so funny at the time ;-)
How clever - I just love those little chickens!
(you know my dad has the same bday!)

Pretty cool, I think, that this giveaway was to celebrate my Mom's birthday and it turns out that it was the winner's Dad's birthday as well. Karma

Thank you all, for stopping by and entering my little drawing. I hope you'll stay tuned and visit often. On A Rainy Night is going to be chock full of fun giveaways in 2010. Just my way of saying thank you to all of you special people who have become my cyberspace friends, my in-real-life friends, and all of you that I have yet to meet.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Congratulations to Adrienne -- she'll be a good keep of the ladies and will give them a good home. Thanks for the opportunity.

Adrienne said...

I'm just clucking over here!!!! I think that is so cool - I'm glad some good Kharma found it's way to me ;-)

Can't wait to give those guys, ahem, ladies a new roost!

Shawnee said...

Congrats! Don't laugh, but I must have missed something -- I didn't enter because I was worried I'd win REAL chickens!! =)

Mary said...


Congratulations to Adrienne. I'm sure the chickens have found a loving home.

Enjoyed the giveaway and your chicken story and the campfire song brought back memories.

Just finished "Fall On Your Knees." A great read.


Twisted Fencepost said...

Congratulatins, Adrienne!!!

Susan said...

YAAAY for chickens!!!! And Happy Birthday to our sweet Mommy!
I do not remember that song, Paula, but it is hilarious. Congratulations to Adrienne and thanks to Paula and Stacey for finding yet another creative way to honor and remember Mom.

Susan said...

PS - I love the squirrel shot on the top of your page! Nice job capturing him!

Brittany said...

i know that song only cuz you get in one of your moods and go dancing around the house or in the car singing it. lol

Stacey's Treasures said...

Those silly chickens! I'm sure they will like there new home with Adrienne.

Tipper said...

Congrats to Adrienne! Love the little song. Man I wish I'd won those cute chickies!

Shannon said...

That song cracks me up! I'll have to show it to a friend whose hens haven't started laying yet!
Thanks for sharing.

Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh Paula- thay are ADORABLE!!!
I'm so sad I missed the giveaway... but so happy for Adrienne- I know they will be happy in their new home.

I hope you make some more... *hint hint*