Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When a Bad Thing Goes Good

What started out as an idea for a cheerful spring throw pillow for the couch took a turn for the better and became this fun bag.  One day, while looking around the living room and needing some spring colors to  contradict the gray of the sky, I decided to knit a fun throw pillow in a checkerboard pattern, with maybe some embroideried flowers or some such in the squares.  It had been awhile since I felted a project and I do so love felting and wool yarn so decided that was the way to go.  Looking out into our spring time yard (even though it was under gray skies), the yellow daffodils and purple viola's caught my eye.  Yes, purple and yellow would be just right for some spring sunshine, so away to the yarn store I ran. 

Back at home, I knit away in the evenings for a good week, then when the size was just right, I grabbed my trusty crochet hook and stitched all my individual panels together as well as attaching the back while leaving one long end open for pillow stuffing.  Down to the washing machine I went, cranked on the hot water and let the machine agitate all my troubles away.  Or so I thought. 

When I pulled the felted product out of that hot water, the shape had morphed (as will sometimes happen when felting).  One long end was flared a bit and would certainly make for a funny shaped pillow.  Hmmm.....what to do....

After just a quick minute of reflecting, I could see that this "pillow" would actually be the perfect shape for a bag.  A nice fun spring bag with bamboo handles and fun yo-yo flowers.  I cut little strips of purple fabric to make the tags to attach the handles with, dug through my basket of scrap fabric for the perfect yo-yo flower fabric and made stems and leaves from wool felt.  I happily stitched away the next evening, attaching the fun embellishments and am tickled purple with how this bag came out.  Sometimes projects that go wrong turn out to be the best ones yet.

Have your had a project that morphed into something even better than the original?  What was it?


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

That turned out wonderful -- whatever your intentions were! I love the colors.

When I was a girl, I used to knit with my grandmother. I really wanted to knit blankets for my Barbies, but I kept losing stitches, so the blankets turned into shawls. My Barbies had piles of shawls.

mtnchild said...

Such a cheerful bag you ended up with! I love purple and yellow together - you cannot be grumpy looking at those colors.

I also love the picture in your header. The last time I was at the lighthouse, they hadn't started the renovation yet. I think it looks beautiful in those colors. I have a round Myrtlewood plaque, about 5-6 inches across, with the lighthouse painted on it. I bought that about 20 years ago!


Paige said...

What a sweet little bag - it turned out great! I especially like the little yo-yo flowers.

Adrienne said...

What a cute bag! One can never have too many you know.

Sadly, I can't thing of a project then went awry and was salvaged. Bummer. Ok, I'm going to go boo hoo into my fabric pile - ha ha!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Things are always being morphed into something else around here.
It IS adorable!

Stacey's Treasures said...

That bag is so cute!!!!
You will have to teach me how to make those cute little flowers.

Anonymous said...

So cute - when life gives you lemons.......use your imagination! Great job.