Monday, January 03, 2011

A Blessed New Year

The turning of a page from 2010 to the new 2011 is a time for reflection on the old year and a welcoming of the new.  Are there things in our lives we would like to change, things we would like to do better, things we want to banish completely?  Of course there are. I don't make New Year's Resolutions, as I feel that I'm setting myself up for failure.  Most resolution's pass away in an average of two weeks.  Instead, I've set myself some goals, but even those I plan on keeping close to the cuff.  They are mine - or mine and Riff's - and I will show you the results of them as the year passes.  Many have to do with projects around our home and the ability to FOCUS on one project at a time.  This spills over into my craft room as well.

We know that 2011 will be brining some blessings to our lives:

1) A new granddaughter will be born in April to Brittany and Chris~ Mazzy Kaye, we can't wait to meet you!

2) Brittany and Chris' little family will be complete with a little boy, Noah, and a little girl, Mazzy, so they will be getting married in August. (Sometimes we do things a little backwards in our family, but that's okay! LOL)

3) Our oldest son, Sam, will be coming home in September from his third and hopefully final tour in Iraq. Please keep him and the safety of the troups he is with on your prayer list.

With six kids and four and a half-grandkids, we know that 2011 will bring more blessings to our world that we are yet unaware of.  We so look forward to the dawning of this new year.

May you all have a blessed and prosperous 2011!


Adrienne said...

How exciting grandma (again!) - so many blessing to count already in 2011. We are so thankful for your son and all our soldiers - 3 tours! What a sacrifice - thank you!!!!!

I'm with you on the resolutions - they tend to make me feel worse rather than inspire - here's to goals!

Stacey's Treasures said...

There is allot to look forward to in 2011!!!
I plan on being there for the wedding & am so excited about my new great neice!
I will keep Sam in my prayers for a safe return home to his wife & family.
I tried to make resolutions & think they are already broken.

Bonnie said...

You have a lot going on! Sending good thoughts your way. I am the daughter of a career soldier. Your son is truly a hero.

Love Bears All Things said...

My son is on his way back for a second time...we are certainly thankful for our troops and hope they do all come home soon...Does your son have a family? Mine has 3 children ages 16, 13, and 10.
Congratulations on the new'll enjoy her so much...and praise that they've decided to marry..I know you're thrilled about that.
I make goals too..I've not written them down yet, I do that in my journal...but I've implemented some of them already.
Have a blessed week.
Mama Bear

Adrienne said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby! How wonderful to have a little girl joining the family. Happy New Year to you, my friend. I wish you bundles of joy and happiness through the year ahead.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Sounds like you'll have a busy AND happy year in 2011.
I'm adding Sam to my prayer list. Let me know when he's home safely!
Happy New Year!!