Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Faery Wood

Enchanted woods surround us here in the Pacific Northwest.  A walk through them will clear your senses and make you believe once again in magic, just as you did as a child.  Ferns, moss, fungi and the chatter of birds add to the mystical feel as you wander down paths barely traveled.
What a joy to come upon a rope swing where some other wonder filled soul has spent some time among the lush foliage of our forest.
Be sure to keep your eyes wide open.  You never know what may be waiting for you just up ahead.
The Faery Forest
by Sara Teasdale

The Faery Forest glimmered
beneath an ivory moon;
The silver grasses shimmered
against a faery tune.

Beneath the silken silence
the crystal branches slept;
and dreaming thro' the dew-fall
the cold white blossoms wept.


Mary said...

Paula, one day I just HAVE to come to visit you. We will take a walk in the forest. Love your pics.


mtnchild said...

Love your post and pics! I have Ponderosas all around me and love "my" woods ...

Stacey's Treasures said...

Oh my, Where did you find that enchanted forest?
So awsome!!!

Susan said...

Gus says enough of this swinging - chasing winged creatures is so much more fun!

Becky said...

A rope swing! FUN!
And look at the size of those ferns. Beautiful!!

Adrienne said...

How cool! I just read a book that had a lot to do with faeries - you will have to wait until TTTPT to find out :-)

Tipper said...

Makes me wish I could walk on that trail too : )