Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Monkey's

I know it's not even Thanksgiving quite yet, but us crafters need to think about our Christmas gifts long before December 1st (and long before now!)  When I was contemplating this year's Christmas gifts, monkeys came to mind.
"Christmas monkey, Christmas monkey
No one's sung about Christmas monkey.
Christmas monkey's got no song
It's been that way for much too long"

Okay, so it really wasn't Monkey George that I was thinking about, but a little boy we know and love has always loved his Monkey George, so when I found this picture and silly song, I just had to share. (That's what we call him around here, and when Noah comes to visit Bana better have some Monkey George fruit snacks on hand too or she gets in trouble!)

So anyway, I was thinking about Christmas and reindeer and snowmen and santa and....monkeys...'cause who doesn't like monkey's?
And then I saw this picture and it reminded me of those old calendars that my Grandpa Simmons had every year with the pictures of monkeys dressed up and doing very human things.  Monkey's in business suits, and monkey's in mechanic overall's, that sort of thing.  When I looked around,  'Lo and Behold, all my pet monkey's had runaway so I guess I wouldn't be dressing them up and making any fun calendar's for anyone this year...

HOWEVER, as my daughter Brittany and I were strolling through Michael's a couple of weeks ago, in the $1.50 bin, (what the heck happened to the $1 bin??), we found the best striped socks.  I snatched them up, ran home, locked myself in my crap, I mean craft, room and turned that pair of socks into a Candy Cane Christmas Monkey!  
This little guy chatters ALOT and he's making my work space a very cheerful place this holiday season.  Glad he came to visit, but I knew he wouldn't be staying long so back to Michael's we went and some more of those striped socks are now in my possession.  Hehhehheeee.  Christmas Joy!

(If you've never made a sock monkey and want to give it a try, pop over to the Web Goddess for a great tutorial.  That's where I first learned and it's easy as Thanksgiving Pie!)


Mary said...


I assume that monkey is going to have a home with a little boys come Christmas Day. He is so cute. I'm sure you could sell a ton of these.

Enjoyed visiting with you. Drop over to my Writing Nook if you have a moment. This has been a scary week.


Stacey's Treasures said...

I love monkeys! Your Christmas monkey is so cute!!!

Bonnie said...

Paula, I adore sock monkeys. I do hope your little guy is going to receive one of your delightful monkeys. I saw on your sidebar you are reading "Call the Midwife". I am so enjoying the show on PBS. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Bonnie

Paula said...

Awwww.... the candy cane monkey is adorable! You did a great job on him. And thanks for the link~ I'm headed that way now!

Becky said...

The Candy Cane Christmas Monkey is adorable. You are so creative!