Friday, January 27, 2006

My First Blog

I have been wanting to make my own blog, but couldn't decide if I had enough to say. I think that I'm an interesting person, but what if I find that my thoughts are extremely boring? Would I be better off not knowing that I have nothing going on upstairs? I have decided to venture out and give it a go... My life, my thoughts, it's all good.

I have titled my blog "On a rainy night..." because it is just under a year now that Riff and I moved our family from the high desert of Wyoming to the Oregon Coast. We are enjoying our new adventures and experiencing MANY rainy nights. I love the sound of the rain on the roof and against the windows. I love the sight and smell of the fog rolling in and creeping around the trees. I love standing on the beach with the wind blowing the salt spray across my face. I love walking the dogs on the beach under a full moon (on the months when the sky is actually clear enough to see the moon!) . So feel free to follow me as I write about our new life.

We have also purchased a 1918 craftsman style home and are in the slow process of updating it and making it "ours". Follow me on that journey, too. When I figure out how to post pictures, I will be adding many.

Happy Trails!!

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