Sunday, October 15, 2006


Shilo and her best friend Stephanie ready for the Homecoming Dance

Dress from Ross: $30.00
Shoes from Ross: $10.00
Tickets to Dance: $15.00
Hair Styling: $25.00
Pictures of Shilo and David at Dance: $30.00

Astoria actually winning the game: PRICELESS!


Jackie said...

So lovely!! Wow - Homecoming! I remember those days and will get to start reliving them when my oldest son starts high school (in 3 years). The girls look great - I hope they had a fun time at the dance. Glad you guys won the game!! A wonderful Fall tradition!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful daughter and some great deals on everything for her big day. I hope had a great time at the dance....I can hardly remember that far back for me..LOL

Happy Zombie said...

Your DD looks stunning! My DS did not go to homecoming (sigh, the life of a Boy Mom)... but I'm always cheering! GREAT deals you got! Don't ya just love saving money like that!

AHS football is on a roll! Whoo whooo!