Friday, April 20, 2007

The Royal Visit...

We have recently been graced by Royalty. The Princess of Quite Alot came to visit after a long time away. We very much enjoyed having Brittany home. She has lived on her own, and far away, since graduating from high school nearly two years ago. We did alot of chatting, shopping and beach walking while she was here. She flew away yesterday with much more than she arrived with. The King of our house is baby shopped out for awhile. We went into the store on our way home from the airport and I was informed that we would NOT be looking at any baby things this time. Who can blame him? He has been a good sport!

(Trumpet call)- Ladies and Gentleman, make way for the Princess and Prince of Nizzyville. The Royal mother found this shot amuzing. The stair-stepping seems to have changed course over the years with the youngest being the tallest now, the middle child remaining in the middle and the oldest being quite the shortest. (She did not find it amuzing!)

Royalty was once again seen in Portland as the Princess strolled through the booths of the Farmers Market on the PSU Campus.

We inspected the wreck of the Peter Iredale, determining that, alas, we can not pull 'er outta the sand!

Her Royal Highness and I visited Cannon Beach one morning. We tried to catch the tide pools at Haystack Rock but after stopping for breakfast at Bagels By The Sea, we were just a little bit to late. No trip to our beautiful coast is complete without a picture taken in front of the "Goonie's Rock".

Bye, Brittany. We miss you already!


Lucy said...

It looks like you had a wonderful visit with all the "royalty" back home! I love all the beach pictures you post, it so peaceful!

Thanks for sharing :)


Jeni said...

Neat photos to go with the post about the "royal" family and the visit from the princess! The photo of the one "Goonie's Rock" really fascinated me.

Wende said...

Oh! It looks like you guys had a ton of fun. I hope you're doing well now that's she off. Blessings!!

(and your inverted height/birth order photos is really sweet!)

happy Zombie said...

How wonderful to have all your kids together and it's sounds like you all had a wonderful time. So sweet, but I'm guessing way too short.

There should be laws keeping our kids from moving too far from home!