Friday, October 26, 2007

From Hearts to Hands 2007

For the Second year, Lynne at I Was Knit Together In My Mothers Womb is collecting mittens to distribute to several different ministries in the State of New York, including a Children's Shelter. Lynne is asking that anyone who would like to join her either make or buy mittens and send them to her for distrubution. This is a wonderful project to keep little hands right here in our own country warm this winter. I made a few fleece mittens last year and plan on trying my hand at knitting a few this time. Pop over to Lynne's site and join this hand and heart warming mission.


Jodi Renshaw said...

I wish that I knew how to knit :( Someday soon, I promise. There is so much going on in the knitting community. I love it.

~ jodi

Jeni said...

I'll have to go on a "search and destroy" mission here and see if I can find a really easy two-needle mitten pattern I have -someplace - for kids and adult size mittens. It was nice because it was easy plus it gave several child's sizes too. And, I happen to know where I can get some really pretty very soft too yarn at a bargain basement price near here that would work beautifully to use for nice furry mittens! Thanks. Now, hope I can find the darned pattern!

Terri said...

I am still working on the sweater I began last year! I don't know if I could do mittens...Those tricky thumbs, you know!

God bless.

Mary said...


Is there an address to send the mittens to?