Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sacajawea and Jean-Baptiste'

HOW DISGUSTING! This beautiful statue, pictured here on the front of this book, of Sacajawea and her baby, Jean-Babtiste' was broken off of it's base and stolen from Fort Clatsop this past weekend. As far as I know, the culprits have yet to be caught. It is thought that the statue was stolen with the intent of being melted down and sold for scrap metal. To fund drugs? A lot of that type of thing has been happening around here lately, which is all very disgusting, but for some reason this incident just seems particularly heinous to me. Sacajawea and her baby?? How could you?! As my mother would have said "May the bird of paradise fly up your nose!"
On the same type of note, the phone service all over our county and into Washington was disrupted last Friday. Turns out some "Meth Heads" had dug up a good portion of the line to steal the copper tubing. (That's the theory. Others say that there isn't actually an copper on the fiber optic lines. Heck, who knows...) Seems to me that there would have to be easier ways to get copper. Are these same idiots the one's who stole our bronze Sacajawea?
I hope your busted, and soon...


THartill said...

Don't trust everything you read in the Daily Astorian.

There is absolutely no proof that drugs or "Meth-Heads" are involved in any of this and in fact the fiber-optic lines cut have no copper.

Interesting read written by the Oregonian.

Here is my take on some of the outrageous conclusions that some newspapers jump to in order to make a story fit their agenda.

Jeni said...

How the heck do they manage to get at a statue -or dig up phone lines - without being seen by SOMEONE?

Mary said...


How terrible that the statue was stolen. We've had similar incidents here, but the thieves are usually caught. They stole the bell from a chapel near here. It weighed over a ton. Not sure how they did that but it was found a year later on the river bank. It was restored and is now back in its proper place.

Hope the thieves get caught soon.

Happy Zombie said...

I was going to make a post about the same thing! The theft of Sacagawea and Pomp has made me so sad, so angry. My thoughts too... a mama and her baby! I went to my flickr last night to re-look at the photo I had just recently taken... and I was just sick looking at it. But I'm glad I was able to see it one last time.

It's so obvious Sacagawea and Pomp were the latest victims of meth. If someone wanted the statue for it's beauty, it's art, it's meaning... then a vehicle wouldn't have been used to ram her down. When I think about the woman that Sacagawea was and all that she did, it makes me all the angrier and sad. And top it off with our phone thing last week. I hope something bigger flies up the nose of the thieves. And I hope it's not their nose either.

Adrienne said...

How sad! I have to wonder why someone didn't see them do it. I hope they find them and prosecute them. There's just no excuse! ~Adrienne~

TH said...
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Susan said...

No matter what the reason, it is prety rotten and I would like to say to the theives: May an elephant crush you with his toes!

ancient one said...

I hope they can find it before it is completely destroyed. Why can't people leave other people's property alone.

That's scary about the phone lines... terrorist came to my mind?

Jodi Renshaw said...

After my parents house burned down, some people came during the night and stripped the remainder of the house of all its copper. Then, as we started to build the new house, they came back and stripped even more copper from the new house! And while they were there - they took as many tools as they could get their hands on. Sad but true.

Thefts like this are on the rise in our area (once called "The New Mayberry"). And this is just so unheard of in our small city (Bangor).

BUT times are tough...and when there is severe economic hardship in our country ... these things begin to happen. More people in this area are struggling to heat their homes then ever before.

I wonder if this is similar to what is going on in Oregon.