Sunday, January 06, 2008


We had a little skiff of snow this morning, which is almost unheard of here on the Oregon Coast. My little birdie friends were having a wonderful time scratching and pecking for seed under the feeder.

You remember my 2008 goal of finishing a project a week to list on either etsy or ebay? Well, in this first week of January 2008, I actually finished TWO. Wa-Hoo! Does this mean I can slack in the coming week? NO! It's just a bonus. I made a Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Bib (actually two. One for our soon to be born Weston and one for sale) and another baby hat. This one I'm calling the Chocolate Covered Cherry Valentine Hat. Both are headed to ebay for starters and if they don't sell there the first time, I'll be lising them on etsy.

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to see what books I received for Christmas and to read my review of The Last Eleven Days of Earl Durand.


Mimi said...

love the snowy picture of the little birds scratching for seed...
did it keep snowing enough to cover all the ground?
Have a wonderful week,

Lucy said...

Whoooo hoooo on getting ahead of the game!! Keep up the good work :)

I did a couple of things and then I messed up a painting that I'm not sure how to recover......I guess it's going to be mine...LOL :) Have a great rest of the weekend!

Casdok said...

You are clever!!

Jeni said...

Loved the bib and that hat - to die for, so cute. I make bibs too but can't work with bias tape stuff -always gets messy on me so I use either fingertip towels or terry tee towels with appropriate type designs and do the neck with rib trim. They pull down over the head then and cover multitudes of sins, ya know. Plus -are ultra simple to sew them up too! My kind of project there - ultra simple, just like the "seamstress" ya know!

catieann said...

paula good for you getting both projects done!! I hope my box got to you by now????? Go to my blog I have bestowed an award on you.

Shelby said...

yay - great project :)