Sunday, February 10, 2008

Low Sky

Does your sky hang low?
Does it wander to and fro?
Can you catch it in a net?
Can you kick it with your toe?

Our sky has been hanging quite low for a few days now, but it is winter on the Oregon Coast after all. Seems that I can just reach up and touch that gray sky as it shifts and shimmies around. Sometimes it smells of salty ocean air, sometimes of fresh new ideas. When we walk on the beach it always blows the cobwebs out of the old thinker. I don't mind that our sky is hanging low these days. I know that those days of blue skies and daffodil fields are just around the corner. Today I saw a rhododendrum bush starting to bloom. Ah, the wonders to come...

Our walk on the beach this weekend could have been a bit hairy. We failed to check the tidebook before heading out. Pulling onto the beach, we saw that the sign that reads "No Vehicles Past This Point" was a little island in itself, surrounded by surging waves. Riff reached for the tidebook ~ "We're fine. High tides not until 1:20". The clock on the truck read 11:35 ~ (really, I'm building up more suspense here than this story deserves) ~ "Yah, but the waters already purty high. Not gonna be much beach left at high tide." We unloaded the whining dogs, pulled on gloves and hats and started off. I had on my delightful black and white herringbone rubber boots, so was brave and walked along right at the edge of the surf. Dustin was trailing along, so I kept checking over my shoulder to make sure he was still there. DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON THE PACIFIC OCEAN, PEOPLE!!! I swiveled my head around just in time to see that big sneaker wave sneak right on under my feet. I squealed just a bit and ran for it, as did Riff and Dustin. That darn thing chased us all the way up to the doons! We continued our walk but I was quite concerned for the truck that was sitting there, vulenrable on that ever changing beach. Do insurance companys cover the stupidity of people for leaving their vehicles on the beach at high tide? Probably not... We cut our walk fairly short and headed back home for a warm fire and a movie. (Jane Austins Book Club. I liked it~ go ahead, rent it!)


Terri said...

I had a girlfriend down in Florida, who cut school one day and drove over to Daytona Beach (wherever she was, at that time, you could drive right onto the beach!). She met some boys and went off with them. In the meantime, the tide came in....Not good!

I believe the insurance did pay for the card, but she was grounded for life by her parents. She's married now, with kids of her own and she's STILL grounded! LOL

Susan said...

Good thing you had those fast boots on!

My friend Edie caught a sneaker wave several years ago. It bashed her into a sharp, hard Oregon Coast rock. Her husband caught her by her shirt and kept her from being swept away. Good thing he is such a big guy, or she'd a been a goner. She had quite the black and blue face for weeks afterward and still carries a scar on her forehead. She is a little more careful when she plays in the waves now!

happy zombie said...

WHEW... glad you saw that sneaker wave in time! Glad you're safe and sound, and snugly bugly back at home. I love that about our weather... getting to go back inside where it's cozy - especially you with your two fireplaces!

The real question is... do insurance companies cover your kick a$$ cute boots!

Stacey said...

I can't wait to walk on the beach with you!!!

Mary said...


I love your pictures of the ocean. Tides are tricky things. Each year in New Brunswick, Canada people get stuck during high tide at the flower pot rocks attraction even though there are signs telling them when the tide is coming in.

Thanks for posting this. It was quite an adventure.


Adrienne said...

Hi, Paula -
When we lived in Astoria there were several vehicles lost on the beach when the tide came in. I always wondered where the people were when it happened. It's so easy to be mesmerized by the sea.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. We were in Lincoln City. The weather was gorgeous! I think it was ordered just for us. We didn't get down on the beach because my dear mother couldn't walk that far. Since it was her birthday weekend we enjoyed it from the windows and deck of the home we rented. We had a great time. I think I want to move back to the Coast!