Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sock Frustration

This is my very first partially finished knit sock. The yarn is called Sockotta and knits up in these delightful stripes so that you're not having to change colors all the time. Very cool. Learing how to knit socks is on my list of goals for the year, so I'm tickled to death that I'm on my way.
I've run into a bit of a problem though. I am working on the heel ~ it has 32 stitches on the needle for the heel ~ the next row instructions read as follows:
slip 1, knit 16, ssk 1, turn
To my pea brain, that leaves 12 stitches still on the needle ~ huh??!
The next row is even more confusing, only giving instruction for 6 stitches.

I bought the pattern and yarn in a great little shop in Seaside called Creative Beginnings. The girls who work there are wonderful and I know will help me out, so I think a trip to Seaside is definately on my list of to do's this weekend.


happy zombie said...

I wish I could help you, but I speak in a language of 1/4 inches. If I did know... I might not tell you so you'd HAVE to go down to Creative Beginnings!

The sock is adorable and I love the colors! As usual, I'm in awe of your skills Paula!

Mary said...


I used to love knitting with variegated yarn. It kept you from changing colors all the time. We don't see it as much here anymore. I'm not sure why. Many department stores are going out of yarn, which means you have to buy it in the very expensive specialty shops.

I'm not sure why the pattern reads like this. Does it say to decrease stitches because when working a heel, you do have to decrease if I remember right. I only knit socks a few times, many years ago. I hope someone else has a better answer.

Take care and thanks so much for commenting on my Black history post.


Jeni said...

Way back, when youngest child here was still a "due date" I had decided to knit a little set -really cute sweater with bibbed coveralls to match it. I had never tried anything like this item -the coveralls before, with heels and such -and I had one devil of a time with the first leg! I knitted, ripped out, knitted, ripped out several times and finally, gathered up the project and headed to my best friend's house -she was a knitter too. I ripped back and as I started into the heel area, she read the instructions to me, one stitch at a time and I finally got the darned thing figured out! For a while there though, I thought I was gonna lose my mind messing with that darned heel ya know! I've never tried socks although my late aunt, who was a fantastic knitter, taught herself to knit and I think one of her very first projects was a pair of socks she made for my uncle! Now to me, that was one really brave (or crazy) move! Especially since I, who have been knitting (off and on) for about 34 years now and still have never been able to figure out how to work with four needles! LOL Hope you figure it out -hope you're feeling better too! My little not-feeling-so-hot deal the other day thankfully turned out to be a "one day" event! Wish all illnesses could come and go that quickly!

Nancy said...

It looks like you have already done the heel flap.
I believe that you are doing the turn heel. I had trouble doing my first one but as soon as I saw someone doing it it finally made sense. Have you gone to knitting help .com? I think you might be able to find help there. It is really very easy once you get your brain around it. Good luck.

Nancy said...

Go to the advanced techniques and scroll down to the turn heel, the video is very good. It is a little different directions than yours but the idea is the same.