Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Bit of Our Travels

We were going to Texas. A southern state. It's going to be warm, right? Better pack some shorts and sandals. We boarded the plane at Portland in 55 degree weather only to disembark in Austin to a brisk 30 degree's with a 35mph wind. Waking up Friday morning at our kids house, we peered out the window to see...snow... WHAT?? Sheesh, I should have brought a little more than my lightweight rain jacket. It actually warmed up and was really nice by Saturday afternoon, but we did not ever break out those shorts.
We had a really nice visit with Sam and Jes, loved meeting our tiny little Weston and giving him a thousand kisses. It was a great trip but, like always, we were happy to get back home. Below is just a bit of our trip ~

Mount Hood from the plane

Here they are ~ Sam, Jes and Weston. It was so good to see them and see where they have been living the last several years. Weston is such a little cutie. Six weeks old and just the size of a newborn now. So tiny. He has his Grandpa's natural scowl, poor guy. It's really funny, he always looks like he's just a bit concerned by the going on's around him. And with every right, he was born into a kooky family after all! We miss him already. (oh, and of course Sam and Jes, too...)

We tried to wander through the equipment museum's at Fort Hood, but there was such a cold wind blowing that soon we gave up and went back to Sam and Jes' house for naps all the way around and a game of Scrabble. Doesn't that helicopter look just like the one we saw for all of those years on M.A.S.H.? What we did get to see was really interesting. There was also a pretty powerful memorial to the fallen Fort Hood soldiers from WW II...

I was searching for a yarn shop and right next door was this super cool vintage Airstream trailer turned into ice cream and cupcake stand. I love finding things like this on our travels. (The yarn shop was wonderful, also. In an older house. The rooms of yarn just went on and on. Almost overwhelming!)

We spent just a little time in Austin, but what we saw was nice. We went to the Texas History Museum not far from the capital building. Holy cow, a lot has gone on in this big state. It was a fun afternoon and really interesting. Did you know that 99% of our rice comes from Texas? I had no idea. Thought it was mostly all cattle country.


Mary said...


I'm so glad you were able to visit and meet your new grandson. Loved your photos. One day I'd like to go to Texas, but not if there's going to be snow. I get enough of that here in southern Ontario.

Thanks for sharing the photos of your trip. It's nice to visit, but always nice to be home.

You are having the chicken I wanted for dinner. LOL I would NEVER pay $22 for a chicken. Meat prices are high but somehow I believe that those were incorrectly priced. Let's hope so.



Mimi said...

great trip...thanks for sharing the pictures...and another one of the adorable little one...

Sweet P said...

Weston is adorable. I especially the photo of him on grandpa's shoulder.

Mt Hood always amazes me. When we fly to Oregon I can't to see it and when we leave it's always hard to say goodbye. I have a photo of Mt. Hood as my wallpaper on my laptop.

happy zombie said...

Oh what fun! Loved reading about your trip and Weston is such a cutie! How wonderful you finally got to hold him, squeeze him and shower him with kisses!

Loved the cupcake Airstream! OMG... I want one!

Rice. From Texas? That's news to me too. Funny, I was getting potatoes out of the bag (one of those Costco potato bags). Just little to medium ones. And in the bag I find a potato the size of a cantelope. Out of curiosity, I checked the label to see where in OR or ID they were grown... and they were from TEXAS! Had no idea TX was growing potatoes. Everything REALLY IS bigger in Texas! I imagine their rice grains are the size of almonds.

Yolanda said...

Loved the cupcake aristrean and the view of Mt hood.ISn't it always so gorgeous from the air?

Adrienne said...

Welcome home, Paula. I'm so glad you got to see your kids and new grandson. And glad you had a safe trip. Our son and his two oldest boys - 5 and 8 - were in your area this weekend. They drove by our old house and visited a few places he remembered from childhood days there. I haven't heard from him since he returned home. Can't wait to see his pictures, whatever they were.

I'll be back to visit again soon.

Josh said...

Paula, what is up with that deaf sign by the trailer?? LOL I just noticed it when you look at the rear or the trailer look at the sign it says DEA... which I am assuming is saying Deaf. LOL Did you put that in there to see if I was looking at your pictures??? Everyone look at it and let me know if I am crazy or not??? :-)

Paula said...

I hadn't noticed it, but you're absolutely right ~ It has to say Deaf People crossing ~ were you there crossing the street once???!
There was a big really pretty campus of Texas School for the Deaf not to far down the road. I did notice that and pointed it out to everybody. Hmmm, interesting...
and NO, I didn't put it there to see if you were looking, but I like how you're thinking ~ LOL!

monique said...

I'm glad that you had a wonderful time!
I loved your photo's, your grandson is adorable.

Terri said...

sorry the weather wasn't nicer for you, but it sounds like you had a wonderful trip anyway.
Glad to hear you are home safe and sound!

ancient one said...

Hello.. it's been awhile since I visited.. Weston is soooo cute!! I'm glad you got to visit him even in the snow..LOL

Love Bears All Things said...

My son is in the army also.
Mama Bear

Cynthia said...

You tiny little Weston is so sweet, I just love tiny babies.....Take care.

Jodi Renshaw said...

Oh what fun for all of you. I am so glad :)