Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dirty Fingers

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It's springtime. The birds are singing, the grass is green, the rhodies are starting to bloom. I have that itch that I get every year at this time to dig my fingers into that rich fertile soil in order to coax out some tasty pea's, tomato's and zucchini along with a few delicately swaying cosmo's. I am challenging myself to a veggie garden this year. It has been several years since we've had much on the dinner table that we've grown ourselves and I want to change that this year. I have plans for a deck top herb garden right outside the kitchen and have a good start so far with rosemary, curry, parsley and lavender. Twining up our deck posts so far are two pots of pea's ~ the Oregon Pioneer variety that was cultivated at OSU. I have grand visions of several large pots of tomato plants taking up residence on the deck as well. I believe that here in the Oregon Coastal sunshine, that will be the only place warm enough and with enough hours of sunshine to nurture them properly. Down in the side yard, there is a spot that Riff has been clearing for my veggie patch. I, of course, have visions for that also, if I can possibly keep the neighborhood deer away.... I will show you here, on this little blog, my triumphs and my defeats. Hopefully you will see the finished product on the dining room table and, even better, on the picnic table outside, weather allowing.
Join me, will you, in bringing your own homegrown produce to the dinner table this year? Whether it's in a big plot in the ground or a container on your porch,I would love to see what you have success with and to share your tips. What are you planning on growing this year?


Marie Louise said...

I'm starting one for the first time too. Have always gardened but never really lot of vegetables. Played around with some herbs and tomatoes but that doesn't really count.
I like you blog - I'll be checking back.

Stacey's Treasures said...

We have our own beef & eggs.
I do plan on growing some veggies this year.
Wouldn't it be neat to just eat food you have grown yourself!

Tipper said...

Planting a garden and eating what comes out of it-so rewarding! And healthy!

Terri said...

Oh, my dear!
I have tomatos and cukes and peas and lettuce and radishes and melons and squash out already. I need to get some peppers and beans and some nice Italian tomatos for canning.
I dug up some rhubarb from the house in Stanley and that's growing and I have put in some rasberries. I'd like to get some fruit trees (dwarf) and strawberries and to start an asparagus bed. I do love a garden!
Good luck!

Jeni said...

I'd love to have a garden but -well, I tend to kill plants, not nurture and nourish them. However, the idea of putting a couple pots on the deck with a tomato plant in 'em -now that does sound appealing and they'd be close enough that maybe I could even entice my daughter to paying attention to their water needs, etc. I may just have to give that a try!
Good luck with all your garden ideas though. Sure wish I lived next door to you as I'd be begging for some fresh veggies every now and again, I'm sure.