Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's My Party Fall Giveaway

Fall is my very most favorite time of the year. I've always said that it's because I was an October baby that the autumn colors, crisp air and cool nights restore my soul. I love all holidays, but the colors of Halloween just make me happy. So, because my birthday is coming up soon, October 2nd, I've decided to share a couple of my fall goodies with you. I've had so much fun meeting and getting to know you all that I wanted to say a little Thank you and this is a good way to do it. Just leave me a comment about why YOU love fall and you will be entered in the drawing for the two items that you see here. The first one is a 5x7 glossy print of a photo that I call Cat Eyes. Our cat, Boots, was stalking his prey when I happened to catch it just right for his eyes to shine through the fall leaves. The second treat is Spunky, the blue-eyed ghost. I made Spunky for Noah, my grandson, and he turned out so cute that I had to make a few more. These items are also available in my etsy shop.
If anyone wants to post a link to this giveaway on their blog, just let me know and you will get a second entry.
If I have any lurkers out there, who have never left a comment, please join us. I would love to know that you're there. Anyone who doesn't have a blog is also very welcome to enter. You don't need a blog to comment, but you will need to check back later to see if you've won and get your mailing address to me.
Entries will be accepted up through next Friday, October 3rd.
It's my party and I'll...give things away if I want to!
Good luck and happy fall, ya'all!


Mary said...


What a lovely giveaway. Your kitty peering out from the autumn leaves is beautiful and the ghost is delightful.

Your birthday is only a couple of weeks before mine. We are both October babies and maybe that is why we both love autum.

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, the other being spring. Autumn is a time when the trees are dressed in the colorful gowns that nature blesses them with and I love the warm colors. I also love scarecrows and the harvest. I'm a farm girl for sure.

Take care, my friend. Read any good books lately?


cpullum said...

I love the change of weather!! I love the cooler area and all the leaves that fall from my trees!
I just love fall!!


Jeni said...

Nuch as I grump and wail and complain about winter -the snow, ice, sleet, cold, cold, cold -and the heat and humidity of summer, the rains of spring, I am truly a "four-season" person but fall is my favorite time of the year. Love the colors, the crispness of the air, sweaters and sweatshirts too! And, like you, I'm also an October child -the 8th is my big day -will be 64 this time around! Gosh, where the heck did the years go anyway? Seems like just yesterday.....

Terri said...

I love just about everything about autumn! I love the colors, the scents the sounds!

I get to wear baggy sweaters and boots with my jeans.

We get to have fires in the fireplace again.

And for supper we have more soups and warm bread.

Anything you do outside is more "comfortable". Is there anything more beautiful then a sunny fall day with the leaves falling to the ground as if to spread their vibrant colors all over the earth as well as the sky.

Sigh. Love it. Love it. Love it!

Lucy said...

Happy Almost Birthday Paula!!

I love fall because of all the warm delicious colors, bountiful harvest of sweet and tart apples, and the knowing that soon, the holidays will be upon us. Fall definitely represents a season comfort and joy to me.

Anonymous said...

I love Fall cause I get to wear my sweaters & boots


CalicoDaisy said...

Hey Paula: I love the October weather, too, and have a birthday on the 29th as well. Nice giveaway gifts! Thanks for writing to me and letting me know what you are up to. I've been keeping up with your trips the last month or so, too.
-- Michele

Jodi Renshaw said...

I am an October baby too (14th) .... and I think that is why I am also partial to fall. Plus, Halloween is by far my favorite holiday!

Happy Birthday to you.

Peggy said...

Paula, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so glad you did as I have enjoyed reading yours and seeing all your beautiful projects! Love the aprons and the pigs!!

catieann said...

Hi Paula
thanks for letting me know about
your giveaway, I love your picture of your cat!
I LOVE fall because it brings a new sense of beginning for me. The air is brisker and has a special feel about it. New colors emerge and smells that trigger special memories. Crisp apples turning into apple pie, making peach salsa, grape jelly. The sounds of geese flying in their v formations, kids playing soccer and football games under the lights at the high school and hot chocolate or hot apple cider all are special to this season.
I could go on and on but won't bore you. HAPPy Happy Birthday Paula

Stacey's Treasures said...

I love Fall to! It's the time of year to fill up the freezer & get started on Christmas projects!
I realy like you give away items!
I've got your Birthday presant ready for the mail today. I hope it won't be late! said...

Oh, I am lovin' this giveaway!! Awesome!

Sign me up!

Such a great photo! Beautiful!

Happy soon-to-be-your birthday!


Tipper said...

I love fall for its cooler weather, pretty leaves, pumpkins, apples, and sweaters!

Melinda Cornish said...

I just love fall because the smell in the air and the warm days and cool nights.....woodsmoke, apples and leaves on the ground...We are so lucky to have beautiful indian summers' too.......Melinda

Cris said...

I love Fall mainly because seasons don't change much here, so when I first saw a mountain there tinted red, yellow and gold I thought they were flowers! And that has been my favorite season since then (20 years ago...). xoxo What a lovely giveaway, it brought me back good memories!

fishing guy said...

Paula: Thanks for dropping by.
You have to love Fall for a lot of reasons. The beauty of the trees, the sounds of geese flying South, the cooling of the weather and fish bite better (my favorite one). Cute little ghosty you made.

happy zombie said...

I'm waaaaaay overdue... Happy Birthday, Paula!