Saturday, October 04, 2008

Reading Adventures and The Winner Is...

We are having a little storm today, the tail-end of someone else's typhoon, I hear. It's the perfect blustery, rainy day to curl up by the fire with a good book and jump into another world. My reading adventure this week has taken me to Salem, Massachusetts in the late 1600's where I'm getting to know Judge Samuel Sewall, one of the harsh Puritan judges who sentenced so many "witches" to their death. This book is factual history written by Richard Francis and entitled "Judge Sewall's Apology - A Biography - The Salem Witch Trials and the Forming of an American Conscience. I'm not far into it yet, at this point Sam Sewall is a young, newly married man living in Boston with his young wife, trying to make the difficult decision whether to enter the ministry or become a man of public works. (I think we know which path he choose.) The book is written well, with substance, not dry or reading like a textbook. Very very fascinating and horrible time in our countries young life.
Where has your reading taken you this week?

On this blustery day, I have also finished up a couple of sewing projects ~ Belfry Bat Softie, Belfry Bat and Ghostie trick or treat bags can be found in my etsy shop.

And the winner of my fall birthday giveaway is ~ Tipper from Blind Pig and Acorn! Thank you all for stopping by, entering and letting me know why you all love autumn. Seems that consensus has a lot to do with beautiful colors, crackling fires, warm sweaters and hot drinks among many many other reasons to love this time of the year.

Don't forget to let me know where reading is taking you this week...


Adrienne said...

We had bits and pieces of the same storm move out direction earlier today and now the sun it out. But we still have a bit of wind. You get the weather before we do and then it decides how much to bring our way and how much to send north. I loved days like you've had when we lived in your town. We didn't have a fireplace or a woodstove but it would have been nice. And a good book!

The Halloween treat bags are just darling. Such a good idea.

Your book sound intriguing. And interesting.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Congratulations, Tipper!!!
Those Halloween treat bags are adorable. It's a shame I don't have anyone to take trick or treating. Boo has grown out of it.
My blog reading has taken me to several countries and all across the US.

CalicoDaisy said...

Hi Paula: Cute treat bags!
-- Michele

happy zombie said...

Love our little storm yesterday... the blustery and wet weather smelled of fireplaces and coziness outside. Best part... everyone kept their roofs on! We ushered in the blustery weather last night with a fire and a 25th+ viewing of the Goonies. Good times!

Your bags are ADORABLE, Paula!

Stacey's Treasures said...

Dawn has been studying about the Salem witch trials & the Evil Puritans.
I've been reading Jane Kirkpatrick's "A Tendering in the storm" It is realy good. It is amazing how you can feel the emotion of her charactors so vividly.
It is the second in a series about Emma Giesy, a strong willed German American.
I realy like your treat bags!

catieann said...

Hi Paula
cute cute bags! I am reading three cups of tea very good so far...a true story about a self centered man who falls ill while climbing in pakistan.
I am where he goes back home to think things through

Mary said...


I would love to read that book. I've studied the Salem Witch Trials a little and it was indeed a sad time in history.

Congratulations to Tipper for winning the giveaway. She will be delighted.

Take care and enjoy your evening.

Tipper said...

I was so excited I won-and now that I have my prizes-I'm even more excited! The ghost is soooo cute and the picture so intriguing and Paula even added me some tea in! Thank you so much!!