Saturday, October 25, 2008

Harvest Time on the Oregon Coast

Seems that it's been eons since I've posted and even longer since I've done any serious visiting of my favorite blogs and I'm sorry. I'll be back around to visit you all soon, I promise! We're in the middle of inventory at work and the days are loooong~ It's been my job to get our huge store and warehouse ready to actually count the inventory, so I've spent the last two months mapping the store and getting all the product locations in the computer. Panicky at the end...Am I going to get done? There is no NOT getting done, it's a must, so long hours and weekends until I got it to where we needed it to be. Now we're counting, but by Sunday night should be all done and life will get back to a bit of normalcy. Maybe...

Riff, like a good pilgrim, has been bringing in the bounty of our wonderful Oregon Coast. We already had salmon and sturgeon in the freezer, now recently he's been crabbing and clamming, so our coffers are filling with dungeness crab and razor clams. We are feasting like royalty. Mr. Thomas O'Malley is only wishing he was. Watch out Thomas. That old crab may just latch onto your nose if you're not careful!

If you want to see some recent pictures of my Noah Bean, pop over to my sister Stacey's blog for a fun day of cleaning. I'm really glad that he has a stand-in Grandma in Wyoming. He has even started calling her "Enma". We do sound alike and look a bit enough alike that it's a good adjustment for him. Riff and I talk to him every couple of days so that he won't forget our voices and he has a little photo album with all of our pictures in it. What a sweet boy!


happy zombie said...

That's so wonderful that Noah has a stand-in, but so wish you all weren't so far away from each other. :-(

Having a horrible inventory flash back from my days at Long's. Always the worst was the sporting goods sections... in particular the fishing. So thinking of you with a HUGE OMG at your store!!!

Stacey's Treasures said...

Yummy, Thomas omaly has the right idea!
Noah & I did have a busy day!
I'm trying to get him to say Aunt Stacey so he doesn't get confused.

Twisted Fencepost said...

I saw that picture of Noah Bean, he's adorable and loved!
Hope your inventory goes by quickly! We miss you!!

Mary said...

Wow! Thomas O' Malley is brave to be nosing around that creature.

Noah is so cute and I would love to have him here helping me clean. lol What a darling!

I do hope you are through with the inventory soon. I always disliked that job. You will need a few weeks to recuperate, I expect. Be sure to take time for a little fun.

We have both been busy and I have missed visiting with you. The apartment is finally finished and just a bit of cleaning to be ready for the new tenants next weekend. Finally! It's nice when it's all done.


Shelby said...

good luck with all the inventory stuff.. cute cute picture with the crab!

Adrienne said...

Hang in there, Paula - you will make it. Hope you can get some time to catch your breath. It's good to hear from you again. One of the things I miss the most about not living in your town anymore is the wonderful seafood that was always in our freezer. I loved the pictures of Noah on Stacey's blog. He's a cutie! ~Adrienne~

blop said...

That Noah is adorable...what a great helper!!
Good luck getting that inventory done. You will be ready for another girl getaway, I am sure.

catieann said...

hi paula
sorry u have been so bogged down of late. Hope u are all caught up and can relax a bit.
Noah is so precious. I know u miss him I will be heading home in a few days and will be crying buckets when i have to say good bye
love the cat and the crab
can i come for dinner?
catie said...

Wow! That crab is huge! I love the picture of the cat investigating.

"In the middle of inventory" -- yikes! Hang in there!


lynne said...

Oh, it all sounds so delicious...and the crab? Mmmmmmmmm.

Tipper said...

Yumm..wish we could make a trade some fresh venison for some of your bounty!

Hope the inventory turns out o.k.