Monday, October 13, 2008

Field of Screams

October just isn't October without sloshing through the mud in the corn maze, riding the tractor out to the field for the perfect pumpkin and chowing down on the best caramel apples ever, so without further adieu ~ Welcome to the Field of Screams!

Before we get started with our day, I need to introduce you to Dinny. Dinny is a very close friend of our little grandson Noah, but was lost in our suburban when we helped Brittany and Noah move back to Wyoming. We found this little blue dinosaur hunkered down in between the console and Riff's chair when we were on our way back to Oregon. (Shh, don't say anything, but I think Dinny was a little scared to be moving so far from home, so choose to stay in the car instead of getting out when he was supposed to.) Anyway, just looking at him made us a little sad and lonely for our baby, so Riff stuck Dinny up in the window of the Suburban and vowed to leave him there until he could give him to our Noah Bean in person. Dinny has enjoyed his road trips and insisted on getting out with us when we went to Sauvie Island. You can't argue with a dinosaur, they'll just eat you, so we took him along. He was really excited about the animal barn and just had to pose with the duck. Mr. Duck didn't care...

Here we are in the Field of Screams. Good thing it's daylight and harder for the ghosties to sneak up on you. Dinny is pointing out to Riff which way he thinks we should go. I tried to look unconcerned at his bad choices, since it was his first time in a corn maze. After taking several wrong turns and running into a few dead ends, we finally made our way out of the patch. Whew! We could have been lost forever. The family that never returned...

Dinny had a hard time picking just the right pumpkin in the humongous pumpkin patch. He finally climbed onto a tall pumpkin for a better vantage point and from here spied just the right pumpkin. Unfortunately, it was waaaaay across the field and took him hours to get there. Those little blue legs take itty-bitty steps you know! He did ask Riff for help after a bit, so we were able to get the pumpkin and get out of there before the goblins and ghouls started screeching. Yikes!

Then this made me scream - with laughter!! I (or you all would be screaming with fright!) I really did hoot and holler over this sign. I think Riff thought I was a little bit koo-koo for cocoa-puffs! And Dinny, he just shook his head and didn't say a word. I'm thinking that this actually made him aware that he didn't wear any clothes at all that day.

May you all be blessed with little blue dinosaurs and a frightfully good time....


Adrienne said...

Hi Paula -
Did you really venture down onto the clothing optional beach? I've only been on Sauvie Island in the summer when it's hot so I have NOT wanted to be so brave. Afraid what I might see!

Your post is a hoot! So funny. You sure had a lot of fun, didn't you? Thanks for taking us along.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Dinny, the sign, the pumpkin crack me up!

happy zombie said...

I love how Riff is playing along with Dinny... that's just too cute! I love this post... you CRACK. ME. UP!

I think I'm going to bring bring Triskit on Saturday... she said she's hoping Dinny comes too. Though, I would keep on eye on Dinny... Triskit has some ways about her that are, um, questionable.

See you Saturday my KKCP!

Brittany said...

that's so sweet that you bring dinny along with you! noah will be happy to know that his dinosaur is having a grand ole time

Mary said...


I enjoyed your post and hope that Dinny makes his way back into Noah's sweet hands before too long. He is your mascot. I remember when we were traveling in January and Jordan bought that penquin and then found out that he squeaked. He spent many long hours on our dashboard as mascot.

Enjoyed your post and thank you so much for the birthday greeting. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.


Jackie said...

Wow, what a large pumpkin field. Glad you made it in and out without the goblins getting you.

I am happy to hear that the Circle Journal made it to you safely. Have fun writing in it and learning more about the rest of us.

God bless.

Terri said...

Too cute about the dino pal! Amazing how a little boy can make normally sensible adults go back being childlike themselves! LOL

As for the you know where to go when you want to work on your all over tan!

Happy October!

Kathy said...

I was over at Twisted Fencepost reading her Halloween story and thought I would visit some of the contributors to the story, so here I am. I'm so glad I stopped in for a visit. Loved the story about Dinny and enjoyed his adventure through the corn maze and to pick out the perfect pumpkin. I'll be back for another visit again.

Stacey's Treasures said...

I loved taking this trip to the feild of screams with you.
I think it would be a bit chilly with out cloths on the beach this time of the year.
what fun to have Dinny along!

Tipper said...

What a fun trip! And Dinny is adorable. I'm sure he does feel like a piece of Noah.