Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have some of my favorite photo's as my screen saver on my work computer. Just the other day, one of the gal's I work with asked me about the picture above. Where had I taken it? Did I find the rocks stacked like that or had I done it? I answered her questions - It was taken at Hug Point on the Oregon Coast and yes, somebody had stacked the rocks on the driftwood log and I found it quite pleasing to the eye. She told me she absolutely loved the picture and could she possibly buy a print from me. Of course I said "YES!" and will be printing and framing it for her this weekend.

In other WA-HOO news:

Tonight, I decided to list one of my robin ornaments on etsy. After completing my listing, I browsed the etsy site to see what new things are out there and to check in with my favorite sellers. Going to the home page, I decided to check out a few of the featured galleries and was completely surprised to find my just listed robin in the "Environmentely Friendly" gallery. She is made from a re-purposed wool skirt, which is why she qualified for that catergory. I love it that someone on the etsy team choose to put her in a gallery. FUN!! (I just noticed that the widget I put on her is adding new items when the gallery is updated, so by the time you read this my Robin will be down the list and not visible on the widget anymore. Oh well, she's still in the gallery, just farther down the list...)


Tillybud said...

Wa-hoo to you! I love the photo and the fact that you just found it like that. makes it kind of special.

Shelby said...

That is a great captured scene. I like the way they stacked the rocks too on the logs. Feels like I can reach out and touch them.

Happy Friday!

Twisted Fencepost said...

Yesterday was just your day, huh!!
Great picture of the river rocks. And I hope you sell your robin. Who knows, maybe you've got something started.

Sherri said...

In the Hawaiian Islands, you'll find rocks like these stacked in little piles on cliffs. They are said to be small altars, but for a number of years now, visitors have also created stacks to the point that it is now against the law because it can disturb the ecosystem if they are stacking lava rock.

Great pic! I have some I took on Maui that I love.

Adrienne said...

Love that picture ~ how cool to be featured on Etsy - you rock ;-)

Love Bears All Things said...

Wonderful news!
I've been looking at some of my prints thinking about matting and framing them for my walls.
Mama Bear

Ed said...

Nice pic and a great find, I love it when I finally sell a pic, not to mention flattered that someone finds my pics worth buying. I tend to give them away most of the time.

TC said...

That's a fabulous shot: I can see why she loved it.

The Oregon coastline is like no other. I could get permanently lost there :)

happy zombie said...

You rock!

I couldn't help myself. A famous photographer and eco friendly crafter always has to have that one dorky friend! I LOVE your rock pic, and Robin too!

Huge congrats, and I'm so not surprised your photography is in demand, or that you made the front page of etsy! Whoo whoo... you eco rock!

Stacey's Treasures said...

$troth83That is exciting! I love to sell things.
Your Robin is so cute & perfect for spring!

tipper said...

The photo of the rocks is very neat. Congrats on the Etsy pick!

Farm Chick Paula said...

Yay!! Your little robin hit the big time!!