Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May(d) For Me Slumber Buns Pajama Bottoms

YEAH! May(d) for me, which doesn't happen very often. I found this sweet slumber buns pattern at Diamond Works Fabric in Cannon Beach and knew I had to have it. So cute! I made the cropped jammie's, finished them last night and can't wait to wear them. Giant deep pockets in the front trimmed with a contrasting fabric, a fun tie in the front and big buttons on the fly. The pattern makes a real fly, but I made mine faux instead. Call me lazy, that's okay. I didn't want to mess with the button holes. I'm a terrible buttonhole maker, so I took the easy way out.

Fun contrasting back pockets to dress up my behind.

Sweet bias trim around the cropped legs. The pattern also has directions for a ruffle here if you want a little more girliness.

Want to make your own slumber buns? Log onto Paisley Pincushion and order your pattern! This pattern has all sizes, childrens from size 2 to 12 and adults from size 6 to 28. Who could ask for more! The designer, Katie Organ even has pictures to help you along. I had to look at the pictures a couple of times. It really helped when my brain wasn't functioning properly! The best part about this pattern for me is that Katie is from Vernonia, Oregon, a sweet little mountain town between her and Portland. I was so tickled to turn the pattern over and find that it is from a local designer. Couldn't get better than that~
What have you May(d) for yourself this month. Join us over at Adrienne's Some of a Kind with your creations.


Stacey's Treasures said...

Very Cute!
Now we must have a pajama party.
Popcorn & movie's. What do you say?

Jeni said...

Cute, really cute for sure. I am lousy on buttonholes these days. Makes me want my old Singer Futura sewing machine back again! The machine I have now also has the "automatic" buttonholer like the other Singer I had but this one doesn't always hold the pattern completely through and irritates me greatly. As a result, what little sewing I've done in the past couple of years has been devoid of buttonholes! Which also tells you I haven't done any sewing now in two years since I went on a binge and made like 30 baby bibs using fingertip or tea towels and rib trim necklines! I have to dig out the sewing machine again shortly though as I am "under contract" so to speak, to make four aprons for a lady from church. I really should try to do a lot of sewing and use up some of the fabric stash I have here -loads of fleece and lots and lots of pieces in prints appropriate for little girl outfits too. Don't have much in my stash in the fabrics appropriate for old ladies though.

Jeni said...

Oops! As soon as I posted that comment I realized I had made a mistake. The old Singer I had that I truly loved was an Athena 2000 and the one I have now I think is a Futura. I bought the Athena new back in 1977 -got the head plus a plain (smallish) maple cabinet for $800 with my old, really old and wouldn't held tension for love nor money, in trade and I used the living daylights out of that machine until 1998 when I bought a new machine. Don't remember the model but it too was a Singer however it didn't have near the bells and whistles the old Athena had and the new one cost me $700! Then, in 2001, that machine was acting up and I took it to the repair shop and came home with the one I have now which I got used for $80. It was over 10 years old but had barely been used because the lady who bought it didn't like it after she got it home! I ended up losing the one I took to the shop in 2001 because I didn't have the funds to pick it up and older daughter said she would pick it up from the shop for me but never did that. So, down the tubes that puppy went. And, although I like this used machine I have better than the new one I had in the middle there, I still wish I had that one too as a backup for if/when this one dies on me -probably will do that in the middle of some giant project or something, ya know!
Ah life in the fast lanes of sewing, huh?

Mary said...


I love your PJs. I bet they are very comfortable. The accents are great. Enjoy!

Still praying for you, my friend. When you get a chance, be sure to drop me an email and let me know how things are in your part of the world.

Twisted Fencepost said...

So cute!
I might just have to find that pattern. My daughter would love them, too. Great idea for gifts.
I haven't made anything. Yet. But I'm working on making my own purse. The ones with the quilted fabric. My own design. Wish me luck.

Adrienne said...

Those are so cute! I love her patterns. I'll have to get this one - having some fun p.j.'s would be fun! Thanks for sharing them with us. ~Adrienne~

Adrienne said...

OH my gosh! Those are so darn cute! I love the fabric you used. The whole shebang - I LOVE it!!!!

Tipper said...

Oh they are so cute-and they look pretty and comfy too!

Love Bears All Things said...

Cute! And I'm going right over and see what they have. I might sew up some jammies for the grands.
Mama Bear

Shelby said...

Those are precious!!! I used to sew a long time ago. I should "so" do that again.

Maybe soon.

mtnchild said...

Those are very cute! I'm not much on buttonholes either, but if I really, really have to I will.

I like the length and out of the right fabric they could be used like regular clothes . . . and I like them MINUS the ruffle.

I do have a pattern, not the same one, and I have some flannel . . . Hmmm . . .


happy zombie said...

I love your slumber buns!! And I'm so with you on the faux fly and no button holes. I love the PP patterns. Saw the PP lady years ago at some event... she was dashing around in one of her apron patterns. I especially love her scalloped one. I've had the patterns for years. You motivate me to make it!

And I love that you went to Center Diamond... one of my fave shops! Years, years, years ago... across the street was a bakery (grain & sand), and they served a cup of soup and a big hunk of rustic bread for only $3. It was so yum and such a deal. I'm so sad they're gone. We need a soup place ala Baskin Robin's here. Wouldn't that be too cool!

Yeesh... I'm rambling!

Sweet P said...

Your Slumber Buns Pajama Bottoms are so cute! I hope you are enjoying them.