Sunday, July 26, 2009

Craft Hope

Have you heard about Craft Hope? It's a program that Jade has put together to help give babies and little one's around the world something handmade, something made with love that will make their little lives just a bit brighter, to give hope. Project 3 has just ended, the crafting time and mailing time has come and gone anyway. This project was to make baby blankets, booties and hats for the sweet little babies in three, I believe, orphanages in India. These babies are without family and anything homemade and just their own in their lives. Jade contacted these orphanages to find out what their needs are before putting together project 3, so work and research has gone into this, instead of just sending random things that they may or may not need. These are things that they DO need, and because we are making them with love it's all the better. The two quilts that you see above are my very first attempts at quilting. I used a pattern that I like out of an issue of Quilts & More magazine, and re-sized it to make baby quilts. I found that I am the worlds crookedest cutter and possibly the crookedest seamstress as well, but I keep thinking that I put love and hope into these quilts and the babies that get them will feel that, they won't care at all that their blankies are a little off-kilter. During the project, Jade found out that at the orphanages, they pin a rag to the front of all the little one's each day to wipe their noses, so asked for hankies as well. I sent 4, made out of some of the fabric's that I used in the quilts. It's all heartbreaking, and the thing that I can hardly think about is the fact that the orphanages asked for standard sized pillow cases as well. Seems that they don't have any sheets for the babies cribs, so those little one's sleep right on top of those plastic mattress'. A pillow case is just the right size to slip over the mattress' that they use, so I went on the hunt at our local thrift-store, but only came up with two to send. I know that of course others are sending pillow cases as well, so hopefully enough came that all those crib mattress' can be covered.
Jade is a complete inspiration and a blessing to so many little one's around the world. I can't wait for project 4. Hop on over to Craft Hope to read all about these projects of Love. Join us. Make a little one's world just a little better and maybe put some hope in a tiny heart.


Mary said...


I wish I had known about this project. I have a lot of pillowcases that I no longer need and would have gladly sent them to you.

Please let me know when project 4 is in the works. You never know what I might have to send to you.

Your quilts are beautiful and the babies will feel the warmth and love that they give forth. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful day.


Stacey's Treasures said...

These are so pretty!!!
I am definatly going to start this when I get my internet back.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Those are really adorable and bright and cheerful.
What a great idea!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Lovely colours!