Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mr. Abominable

Mr. Abomible
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Mr. Abomible Snowman seems to want to go farther north, back to the land of cold and snow where he came from. I'm in love with his frowny face and want him to stick around just a little while more. Is that to much to ask? I think not.

I got the pattern for Mr. Adorable on etsy a while back and finally decided it was time for this little man to come alive. There are more to come, a whole plethera of snowmen will come off my needles, the next one will have blue merino wool in place of the creamy colored. I sure hope they get along. I really don't want any snowman fights in my craft room. Too cold for me. Brrrrr......


Faye Pekas said...

This is a cute little guy. Its takes me back to when my kids were young and I made them stuffed animals.

I love your 5 generation picture. An old logger, his kids and grandkids. A perfect example of the earlier Oregonians.

I love when I can get together with my 3 sisters. Looks like you had fun with your siblings.

Adrienne said...

He's so cute! Maybe he has brothers and sisters who would like to hang around these parts.

Mary said...


He is adorable. My great nephews would love him. I bet they all get along, no matter what color they are. :-)

Have a great weekend.

Sweet P said...

How adorable! I'm sure he's going to be well loved.

happy zombie said...

I envy your mad yarnin' skills PÅLA. Oh gosh he's adorable!!!!

Twisted Fencepost said...

He's cute. Maybe a buddy would turn his frown upside down.
I sure hope they don't get in a fight, you'd have little snowballs all over the place. tee hee

Love Bears All Things said...

I think he is adorable. I was wondering if I could make something similar out of wool socks. I don't knit, I crochet. I know what you mean about the critters coming alive in the studio. I talk to mine and they take on personalities of their own. Can't wait to see the rest.
Mama Bear

Farm Chick Paula said...

Well, it's about time! I've been waiting to see the finished project... and you did a wonderful job on him, Miss Paula!! Ask him if he wants to come to East Tennessee... LOL

Paige said...

He's so cute! Great job, Paula!

Tipper said...

Cute and so perfect for winter!

Love love the 5 generation pic below-so nice.