Thursday, May 19, 2011

Treasure Hunting

During my childhood, my sisters and I spent a part of every summer tagging along after our Mom as she looked for treasures at yard sales.   She would give each of us a dime, or sometimes a quarter, so that we would have our own spending money.  I remember holding that shiny coin tight in my fist while dreaming of the wonders I could purchase with it.  Would it be a new doll, a book about horses or maybe a baton that would take me to a world of marching bands where I would lead the parade down a street lined with cheering crowds?  The possiblities in that little coin and those sales were endless!

Mom loved to go to yard sales and she loved to have them as well.  Both of my sisters and I have inherited the love of going, finding bargains and even things we never dreamed of, but I don't think any of us have the love of actually having a sale.  We all do from time to time, but not like Mom, who never let a summer pass without holding a yard sale.  We lived quite a ways out of town, so for days ahead of the sale, we would clean and price our items, then haul them all into town and set up the sale on Grandma and Grandpa's front lawn.  The day itself was always fun with us kids taking turns being the "cashier" and writing down in a notebook whose items sold and for how much.  Afterwords, we would divy up our earnings and a trip to The Corner Market was always in order for a pop and a piece of candy.  My favorite was the lollipops that were two-toned, kind of powdery and came on a hollow white stick.  I don't remember what they were called but I loved them!

As a teenager, I no longer went to yard sales or even wanted to help with the annual summer sale.  We lived in a very small town and how mortifying it would be to wind up in a classmates yard going through their castoffs! No thank you! 
Those awkward teenage years weren't far behind me before yard sales once again callled my name.  (And it didn't hurt that I had moved an entire state away, to a much larger town so odd's were entirely in my favor that I wouldn't be digging through my friends things!) Now, many years later, I would happily paw through friends stuff, offering them a dollar here or there when I found something I just had to have.   Brittany and Shilo have also gotten the yard sale itch, so with both of them close this year, I predict lots of Saturdays out "saleing".

With all that said, would you like to see my treasures from this past Saturday's hunting?  Yes?  Have a look ~

This is my favorite find!  I've been wanting to change out our curtains, something to make the room feel lighter and brighter, so I was super excited to find this set of 12 panels, all for $25.  Yeah!  They go perfectly in our house, the same brick red as the fireplace and other red accents we've used in the living room.  They make the room feel very summer country beach cottage-y which is just exactly what I wanted.
With 12 panels, I have enough to do the kitchen as well, which really ties the house together.  I just love them!

How about a sailboat picture for $5?  Perfect for an empty spot that really needed to be filled in our nautical-themed bathroom. 

It's very rare for me to come home from yard sales without a stack of books!
Isn't that top adorable?  Actually, it's two pieces that Shilo found at seperate yard sales for 25 cents a piece.   What a score!
We found a whole stack of super cute clothes for tiny Mazzy Kaye.  This little outfit is my favorite for $1.00.

We all know how fun dress-up can be, so I couldn't pass up this little Ninja costume for Noah. ($1.00)
Of course, it resulted in a couple of karate chops for Bana and a little voice stating, "Watch out.  Inja coming through!"

Have you been out treasure hunting yet this season?  Found any wonderful things?  It's true that one girls trash is another girls treasure!


Jeni said...

My daughter (Mandy) is a huge yard sale fan! I enjoy them too, I must confess. Mandy takes care of her addiction to yard sales year round though by being a regular visitor at every Goodwill store, Salvation Army shoppe and several consignment places too in about a three-county area here I think! But she does get some great deals so I can't object at all to that habit of hers! Love the finds you got last weekend too -very good shopping!

Mary Lea said...

I'm totally addicted to yard sales too! I love your new curtains...what a steal!

mtnchild said...

Good finds! Yard sales will start here as soon as the weather warms up. I'm torn on yard sales as I can usually find lots of things, but have to take a breath and ask myself if I really 'need' this item ... hard choice!

Stacey's Treasures said...

I've sure been getting the treasure hunting bug & want to go with you & Susan. We are the queens of yard saleing. Two to navigate & one to drive. We can spot all the sighns!

Connie said...

Those were some really great finds! The curtains are awesome. Love the nautical themes and the cottage look.

Carolyn said...

I'm addicted to yard sales too! Those were some really great finds!

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Mary said...


I love going to yard sales and auctions, but haven't been yet this year. I'm always searching for treasures. In the past I've bought clothes for my great-nephews, games for my grandchildren, items needed around the house. Once I got a brand new set of sheets still in the package for $5. What a steal that was.

Enjoyed visiting. I've missed you. Stop by the Writing Nook when you get a chance.


Bonnie said...

I have to say I somehow missed this posting. I am so glad I looked you up to see what has been going on. Wonderful post. Great finds! I read Olive Kitteridge last year. I really enjoyed it! Happy reading!

Jenny said...

I love garage sales. My husband and I go every Saturday morning! I can't believe your curtains! What a great find! And your daughters top is adorable! Such a lovely color on her!