Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bunny Riding in a Carrot Car

Sometimes inspiration comes from the silliest places.  Our little grandson, Noah, has a favorite book by Richard Scarry called All About Cars.  Inside the little cardboard book made for small hands is apple cars, carrot cars, apple cars, toothbrush cars and on and on.  Noah gets a big kick out of all these silly cars and this was the chosen book for bedtime for many months.  He has now moved on to other books but still loves All About Cars.
I was completely tickled to find a pre-made banner for my etsy shop with not one, but two carrot cars!  Isn't this cute??

All of these carrot cars got me to thinking....hmmm....wouldn't Bunny Riding in a Carrot Car bags be cute?  And maybe some carrot car bibs and t-shirts?  Well, I haven't gotten quite that far, but my first Carrot Car bag is complete.

This motoring hare is headed over to Adrienne's place.  He was kind enough to say that he would take along Leaving Protection, the book that Adrienne won in my Turn the Page...Tuesday giveaway.  I think that this little bag will be just right to carry some of the boys summer reading list home from the library, don't you?

Hopefully, one day soon, my little etsy shop will have a few of these on hand.  Don't you think carrot cars are the best?  Once you get to where you're going, you can eat it!


lisa said...

That is so neat! Isn't the books that your young ones love as their favorite the best! We had one that was about a fish with shiny scales on it their favorite. I of course can't remember the title as I am not at home to look. Shame on me.

Bonnie said...

I adore the little bag! And, yes I think it is a great bag to load up with library books. Perfect idea!

Stacey's Treasures said...

What a cute bunnie riding in a carrot car!
I remember this book from Grandma Sannars when I was a little kid. Do you remember the airplane that got caught in the underwear hanging on the cloths line? We used to get such a kick out of that!