Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt!

Remember how fun scavenger hunts were?  You'd start out with a list of hints, a giggling group of girls and some rowdy boys, then, at top speed, hunt down those items on the list.  So much fun!   I'm pretty sure I haven't participated in one since Youth Group in high school which was mannnnnnny years ago!  

Right now there is a Spring Tracks Flip Flop Scavenger Hunt going on on etsy with some incredible prizes to be won!  I belong to a wonderful etsy team called Promoting Creative Friends, (or the PCF team), and the leaders of our team are always thinking up fun things that help our shops get exposure and more sales.  This Scavenger Hunt is the brain child of Nichole of Ciara Company Bowtique - which is where you will start your hunt.  

Here are the details-
1)  Follow the link to Ciara Company Bowtique
2) Find the listing that looks just like the picture above
3) Within that listing will be the next shop on your hunt-
4)  Follow that link to the next shop
5)  Search through the shops listings until you find - hidden inside a listing - the picture above- then you will find the next link! (the only shop where it will be right up front is in Ciara Company - the rest are hidden, making the fun of HUNTING!)
5)  Write down each shop as you go - IN ORDER!
6)  Keep going and writing down the shops
When finished you should have a list of 38 shops - beginning and ending with Ciara Company Bowtique
7) On the very last listing - the one where you have circled back around and are now back in Ciara Company Bowtique, there you will find Nichole's email address to send her your list of shops, in order. 
8) You have until May 3rd to complete your hunt

The Prizes:
Each shop participating has donated lots of prizes to the winners - There is over $800 dollars worth of prizes being given away!  Incredible!

-8 prize packs worth at least $50 each will be awarded to hunters 
-1 Super Prize Pack, worth $400, will be awarded to someone who has shopped at ANY PCF team member shops during this time

More Chances to Win!
There are several different ways to get more entries-

1) Send a complete shop list, in the right order, for 1 entry
2)  "Fave" EACH shop as you go for a 2nd entry (to do this you will have to have an etsy account.  Easy to set up if you don't already have one!)
3)  "Fave" an item from EACH shop as you go for a 3rd entry
4)  Blog about the Hunt, send Nichole the link, and get 5 extra entries!

Winning the Super Duper Prize Pack
-For each dollar spent at ANY PCF team member shop, you will receive 1 entry point
-For each dollar spent at one of the 37 participating Scavenger Hunt shops, you will receive 2 entry points!
(send any purchase transaction links, along with the dollars spent before shipping and the shop name you purchased from to Nichole)

Winners will be drawn on May 5th and announced on Nichole's blog - then winners will also be emailed for their shipping information.

These prize packs will be wonderful!  Win a prize pack and get your gift shopping done at the same time.  

What are you waiting for??  Start Hunting!!

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