Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Turn the Page Tuesday and a Free Bookmark

It's time once again for Turn the Page Tuesday, hosted by Adrienne of Some of a Kind- 

This month I read several books, one of my favorites being The Hunger Games.  Very fast paced and nail-biting!  Check out Adrienne's review last month of the whole series.

Last June, I reviewed a wonderful book by Michelle Moran called Nefertiti.  This month I read the follow up novel to Nefertiti called The Heretic Queen.

The Heretic Queen was very good as well, taking us back to Ancient Egypt and the time of the Pharoah's.  Because I'm running late this morning, I'm going to copy and paste here the book description from Amazon. 

In ancient Egypt, a forgotten princess must overcome her family’s past and remake history.
The winds of change are blowing through Thebes. A devastating palace fire has killed the Eighteenth Dynasty’s royal family–with the exception of Nefertari, the niece of the reviled former queen, Nefertiti. The girl’s deceased family has been branded as heretical, and no one in Egypt will speak their names. Nefertari is pushed aside, an unimportant princess left to run wild in the palace. But this changes when she is taken under the wing of the Pharaoh’s aunt, then brought to the Temple of Hathor, where she is educated in a manner befitting a future queen.

Soon Nefertari catches the eye of the Crown Prince, and despite her family’s history, they fall in love and wish to marry. Yet all of Egypt opposes this union between the rising star of a new dynasty and the fading star of an old, heretical one. While political adversity sets the country on edge, Nefertari becomes the wife of Ramesses the Great. Destined to be the most powerful Pharaoh in Egypt, he is also the man who must confront the most famous exodus in history.

This was a wonderful read, told superbly.  It will keep you turning pages late into the night.  I've got a documentary coming now from Netflix to learn more about the reign of Ramesses and Nefertari. 

What could be better with a book review then a free bookmark?  My Memories is hosting a giveaway of their digital scrapbooking software on my blog and along with that they have also sent me this link for a free bookmark download to share with all of you!  Yay!  Go HERE to download your bookmark and happy reading!
(Tomorrow I am giving away the software download, so it isn't to late to enter- please go to this post to enter, plus check out my last couple of posts to see some of the things you can do with this wonderful software!)


Tipper said...

Paula-I haven't read either one-so thank you for the tips!

Adrienne said...

Oh that sounds good! Glad you liked the Hunger Games. We just went to see the movie - I'm ready for the 2nd movie to come out now!

Debi said...

I loved the Hunger Games and went to see the movie last week... also very good. The Heretic Queen sounds interesting too... time to add to my list and get ready for summer reading!!

Stacey's Treasures said...

This sounds like a good book & I always need another book mark. Right now I'm using a business card and have been known to tear off a scrap of paper to mark my spot.

Paula said...

Bee-yu-tiful bookmarks!
Sounds like a very good read!

Run Lori Run said...

You read my mind- I was just looking for another page-turner to take the place of the Hunger games. Thanks for the reviews....