Thursday, February 23, 2006

Driving my life away...Looking for a Sunny Day...

Wow, this week has really gotten away from me! Thursday already. Last Friday found us traveling at warp speed down I-5 in the direction of Red Bluff, Californ-I-A. A long overdue trip to visit Dad and Sharon. We ran into a bit of snow over the Siskiyou's, but nothing bad, just pretty. Pulled into the driveway about 4 o'clock after several pit stops along the way. Sharon had a delicious roast waiting for us and smoked salmon for an appetizer. yum....
We seemed to have dragged the chilly coastal weather with us, as Saturday's California sunshine never showed its face and the temperature topped out at a balmy 44 degrees. Sunday was nicer with the sun out and the temp in the mid 50's.
We had a very good visit with the parents and really enjoyed seeing Tommy and Andy. Tommy is 19 now, finishing up his High School Diploma and getting ready for the Marines. He has turned into quite the handsome lad, as has Andy. Andy is 15, a sophomore and enjoyes fishing as much as Dustin does. They spent alot of time together on the banks of the Sacramento river.
We headed for home on Sunday with a turn off of the freeway at Sutherlin to the coast. Up Hwy 101 where we took a much needed break at the Sea Lion Caves. The kids had never been before and really enjoyed the roar of those old Lions. Quite a few babies in there this time of the year. There was about 150 Sea Lions in there taking their afternoon naps. Silly critters!!

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