Monday, February 27, 2006

End The Rain...

If I ask the sky
Will it end the rain
Can the sun break through
Brighten up the day....

by David Christopher

Another series of storms is upon us. The wind knocked over my birdbath last night and screamed around the corners of the house until all hours. If only there were a wind police...I believe that would be considered "disturbing the peace". Actually, as I am sitting here looking at the coastal range, the fog is lifting and the sky looks lighter. It HAS ended the rain! (at least for a few minutes. We'll take the reprieve!)
Another weekend has come and gone. They go so fast.... We spent most of Saturday in St. Helen's at the middle school's final wrestling tournament of the year. Dustin had three matches-lost the first to a kid with a bit more experience and honed skills, won the second and lost the third by one point. Neither boy in the third match got the pin. Their skill level was pretty even up. Dustin was very upset with himself for losing, but it was a very good match. We hope he sticks with it and continues to learn more next season.
Shilo started her new job at Papa Murphy's Pizza on Saturday. So far she likes the job and the people better than her last position. She is very eager to work and earn that money! Since getting her permit, I believe she see's visions of small pickups dancing in her head when she sleeps. I long for the by-gone days of sugarplums dancing in her dreams. They grow up so fast...
Riff and I went to our favorite movie theatre, (The Columbian), and took in the 4th Harry Potter movie. We both quite enjoyed it. What could be better than Harry Potter, beer and pizza. (Oh, did I mention beer?)
My long awaited Queen Elizabeth climbing rose bush arrived from the Michigan Bulb Company, so Sunday found me on my hands and knees cleaning out the flower bed where she is to reside. I pulled out all the gravel the last owners had placed there and was pleasantly surpised to find wonderful, rich soil underneath. A bit of peat moss and I was ready to plant. Riff had given me a miniature pink rose (variety unknow) for Valentine's Day, and the bed is big enough, so Elizabeth and Mini are co-habitating side by side. A couple of my prized rocks and a well placed solar, cracked crystal ball later and WAH-LA (?) a nice new beautiful flower bed right next to the front porch. I will be putting a iron trellis in soon, so Elizabeth can climb to her (and my) hearts content.
I can hardly wait for spring....

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Tom and Sharon said...

PAULA,Dad and i are wondering how
your results of your test have come
out.Good luck with your roses.We
enjoy reading your blogs they are so intersting and fun. We planted
3 rose bushes the day after you and family left. We really enjoyed
your visit we need to come and visit again sometime soon.We need to go see the rest of the family.
ran out of room love Dad and Sharon.