Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Wanna Drive A Zamboni

Now ever since I was young it's been my dream
That I might drive a Zamboni machine
I'd get the ice just as slick as could be
And all the kids would look up to me
I want to drive the Zamboni...hey
Iwant to drive the Zamboni...Yes I do!

by Gear Daddies

I had given Riff hockey tickets for Valentines Day. The big game was Saturday night and Riff was already in Vancouver for a surveyors seminar/training thing-y-ma-bob, so I drove over and picked him up at the convention center. We quickly made our way into Portland so that we had time to swine at Windmer Brothers Brew Pub. Riff is a big fan of their brewskies with the "Drop Top" being his beer of choice right now. We had an appetizer of their baked pretzel with a wonderful german mustard for dipping, then I had a turkey deluxe sandwich that came fully loaded with guacamole, lettuce, tomato and red onions on a homemade sourdough bread and a helping of german potato salad. Riff sucked down a new york steak smothered in blue cheese and sauteed onions, served with garlic mashed potatoes. MMMM...MMM...MMM!!
Off to the Rose Garden we trundled, bellies full and taste buds satisfied.
Shortly our cheeks were in our seats in anticipation of a great game. The timer sounded and within two minutes two different sets of "fisticuffs" had broken out. Penalty plays right off the bat! The boys soon settled in and played some good hockey. The Winterhawks beat the Rockets 2-1. What a fun night we had. I only wish we could go more often!!
For now, I had better get the "puck" outta here....

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