Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Love You...I Love You Not?

I Love You Not
By Bruce Lansky

I love you, I love you,
I love you so well,
If I had a skunk
I would give you a smell.
If I were a dog
I would give you a bite.

If I were a witch
I would give you a fright.
If I were a bathtub
I'd give you a splash.
If I were a fungus
I'd give you a rash.

I love you so much
That I won't tell a lie,
I promise we'll marry
The day that I die.

Ah...Valentines Day. Shilo came home from school today in quite the mood. Her boyfriend is gone for a week, which made her want to take everyone else's roses and candies and hit them over the head with them. Hmm... maybe anger management is in order!!!

Riff and I celebrated this past weekend with a jazz concert at the Liberty Theatre. The musicians were wonderful. All three have played with and written music for many different stars. I was really a nice concert. We had not been in the Liberty yet, and boy is it beautiful. It is an old opera and playhouse built in 1925 and just recently restored to it original grandeur. What a great job they did!

This past weekend we also put up trim in Shilo's bedroom and painted it "violett harmony". We purchased carpet and Riff is still in the process of laying that. The next step is a new electrical outlet next to her bed and a wall-mounted lamp, then an overhead lighting fixture in the larger part of her room and she will be good to go.

Dustin once again went snowboarding at Mt. Hood with the school. They had a really long day this time. The bus left the middle school at 6 am and returned very close to midnight. He had a great day...

Riff and Dustin took the raft and went fishing on Cullaby Lake on Sunday morning. They witnessed many large fish jumping and having a good ole time, but not a one would give them so much as a bump on their lines. Wasn't for lack of trying!

We woke this morning to a ground covered in hail. By the time I roused the kids, it was actually snowing. We live at the beach -IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO SNOW!!!!

Enough for today-----
May you all be blessed with chocolates.....

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