Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy (Late) Birthday, Brittany!

Yesterday was Brittany's 19th birthday. She was born when I was 19, so this is our "half-year". She is exactly half my age this year and that will never happen again. I read an article somewhere about a mother and daughters "half-year" and how it was a magical year for them. It was magical just because they wanted it to be, not because anything spectacular or life-changing happened...just because. I really liked that image and idea.
In my mind (not in realty, since I don't posess the technology!), I have posted then and now pictures. Brittany in 1987 and Brittany in 2006. Wasn't she cute? Oh right, you can't see it!

We are headed to Elgin for the Memorial Day weekend. We will stay at Susan's in Echo Friday night, then truck over the mountain to Todd & Gidge's on Saturday. Dad & Sharon are coming up also, and Grandma & Grandpa will be coming over for the picnic at Promise. Should be a fun weekend.

May you all be blessed with a magical year....


Stacey said...

Well I can see the pictures of Brittany! Yes, she is so cute!
Dawn graduated from grade school this week. She got lot's of awards.
One lady told her husband that she met "Dawn Roth's" Mom.
She got all A's on her report card & was picked for the citizenship award for her class.
Today is her dance recital. I'm helping with makeup.

Paula said...

Congratulations, Dawn! Very good work!
I'm sure you danced beautifully at your recital, also. I sure hope there is some pictures in the mail to me...

Melissa said...

I can see her, too. I remember the first time I saw her, lying on Grandma's couch. She was a beautiful baby.

Paula said...

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for visiting my blog! Hard to believe she has grown up so fast. Where does that leave us?!