Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy Fathers Day...

Yesterday was Fathers Day, but the Father who lives at our house was missing. He and Dustin are in Idaho floating the Salmon River (and a few other rivers that I can't remember right now). They picked up my nephew, Jordan, on their way and met Riff's friend Britt and his son, Jared, in camp. Britt also picked up Dustins friend, Derek, from Cody and brought him out. Riff has called several times to rub in the fact that Shilo and I are at home slaving away. It sounds like they are having a wonderful time. The weather is cooperating with 80 degree days and cool, mountain nights. I wish that we could be there, too. Oh, well....
I consoled myself with the purchse of several new plants for my back flower beds. Some purple coneflower, daylilies, iceland poppies, and sweet potato vines have joined the menagarie growing back there. I was surveying the new plantings and congratulating myself on a job well done when the phone rang. A friend of ours was calling to see if their big dog, Oscar, could come over for the weekend as they were going out of town. I assured him that, of course, that would be fine, I'd love to have him. Immediately upon hanging up the phone, I realized that my new plants and all of my hard work, time and MONEY spent on these new beds were in imminent danger. I have had a hard enough time keeping our dogs out of them without adding another, very large, rambunctious marmaduke to the mix. The first place Oscar headed was right into the thick of things. I scolded him and he came away as if to say that he was just smelling the beautiful flowers. I am still cringing and afraid to look... I think my dog sitting days are over. My heart can't handle the stress.
Shilo and I went to the movies last night. A perk of her new job is that she gets in free and can bring a guest as often as she wants. Fun for me! We went to "The Lake House" with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. A must see for any of you who are romantic at heart. It was a make you feel good, laugh out loud, keep you guessing, magical film. I wanted to sit and watch it again once it was over. It is for those of us who like to believe that there is a little bit of magic in this world. For those of us who know that life is not flat and one dimensional. That there are other realms and many possiblities out there. Why not?
May you be blessed with many rivers to run and just a bit of magic in your life....


Stacey said...

I'm waiting to see if I can get into the Avon web sight to place my order. It wasn't cooperating, so I thought I would check out your blog.
Wow, the movie sounds great!
I just finished the book of "The Note book" by nickolis sparks. He wrote "Message in a bottle." It is majical too.
Is Shilo working at the theator? That would be a cool job!
Our house is framed & I've been picking out flooring, cabinat's & such.

Paula said...

I've read "The Notebook". You need to watch the movie of it, too. Very good.
Shilo has been working at the theatre for about a month now. She really likes it so far.
How are you decorating the new house?