Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lavender Chicken

I planted 3 lavender plants last year that have turned into beautiful "drifts" this year. I have been experementing with sun tea to try to duplicate a Lavender Mint Julep Sun Tea that is sold at our local Sunday market. It's too die for and hard to wait all winter to get my fix. As I was blog surfing the other day, I ran across Gabriella's sight at www.mylifeasareluctanthousewife.blogspot.com . She has a great sight and wonderful recipes. I tried out her Lavender Lemon Chicken last night and it was delicious!! I substituted fresh lavender for the dried and used thyme out of my garden also. Head over to her sight, grab the recipe and try it. The smell while it is cooking is heavenly. I saved all the dripping to use as stock in something else later on. Can't wait to try her lavender garlic bread!!


Stacey said...

I haven't been on the computer latly, so both times I've checked I've had Two post's to read.
We have company coming from Wisconsin. Seven of them & Three of us. I'm turning the garrage into sleeping qaurers.
It's been hot here. In the 90's. I hope a thunder storm is coming!
We're going to have Maple canit's in the new house, with teal corrione counter top's. we will have arched doorway's, tan tile & the carpet color is Golden sunset.
I can't wait until it's done!
I better go get Dawn. She is at a digital photography class.

Paula said...

You should charge room rent for the garage and make some money on this deal!! Send me pic's of the house when it's done. Digital photo class sounds fun,Dawn...