Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Seasons in the Sun...

We had joy,
We had fun,
We had seasons in the sun,
but the stars that we reached
were just starfish on the beach....

by Terry Jacks

*July 5th, 1965-LaGrande, Oregon- A sweet, pink, wiggly baby girl is born. Her parents look at her with love and name her Stacey Dawn. Her big sister thinks she is beautiful.

*July 5th, 1975-Elgin, Oregon- That baby has grown into a girl of 10. She sits in the back of a blue and white ford, (in the days when that was legal), with her two sisters, singing at the top of their voices. The birthday girls long blonde hair is whipping in the wind. A black scottisch collie named "Lady" sits at their feet. In the cab, a small tow-headed boy sits between the Mom and Dad, a homemade birthday cake resting on the mom's lap. They are headed to Minam Park where Grandma and Grandpa wait with twinkles in their eyes, ready to sing happy birthday.

*July 5th, 1985-Thermpolis, Wyoming- The girl has grown into a young woman. She has married her sweetheart and they have struck out on their own. This year her older sister and husband join them to celebrate the day with birthday cake and a wild ride in an old pick-up truck through the sagebrush of Wyoming, kicking up rabbits and deer as they go, whooping and hollering all the way.

*July 5th, 1995- Powell, Wyoming. The young woman has once again changed. She is now a mother, celebrating her birthday with her little one by her side. She is seeing things now through a mothers eyes. This year there is more family around. Her older and younger sisters have come, their children in tow. She listens to the laughter of cousins playing together, as she once played with her own.

*July 5th, 2006-Powell, Wyoming. Another decade (and a year) have passed. The birthday girl now has a pre-teen on her hands. They spend the day laughing together as only mothers and daughters can. The birthdays have changed her appearance, but she is still the same girl with the long blonde hair singing "Seasons in the Sun", her sisters by her side.



Stacey said...

Paula you made me cry, & brought back some fabulas memory's!
I saw Brittany today at Dairy Queen. She was training a new girl & looked like she was enjoying that part of her job.

Paula said...

You silly, you're not supposed to cry!!