Monday, September 04, 2006

Sundays in Astoria

What a nice lazy weekend we are experiencing. Yesterday Riff cooked a delicious breakfast before we wandered down to the Sunday Market for our weeks produce.
This is a view from up on the hill right above the market. It is so fun to top that hill and look down on all the tents and activity. You can not even see the food court from here, so there is actually more tents around the corner.

We walked through the market and down to the pier where the Pilot boat is moored. We actually have this shot done in a painting by a local artist that I bought Riff for fathers day this year. He really enjoyes watching the pilot boats help navigate the big ships through the river. It is fun to seem them speed out there, latch on to those giant ships and guide them through the dangerous parts.

After the market, we went to a barbeque at Riff's bosses house, then for a walk on the beach.

May you all be blessed with a labor-free labor day...

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