Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No Baby In Sight...

except for these raccoon babies next door. There is a mama and four kits that climb up onto our neighbors deck several times a day to see what's for dinner. They leave a tub of water out also, so the coons climb right in and have a bath after eating. Quite comical to watch. I haven't yet gotten any pictures of the mama deer and her two babies that love to nibble on my pear trees as they make their rounds of the neighborhood. There seems to be a plethera of varmits in our new yard, including a new to us but old doggie that we rescued from the pound this last weekend. I will get pictures taken and tell you Muffin's story soon. I promise!

My first package at our new house. How fun. I was a participant in the Summer Goodness Swap over at Sweet Goodness Swaps this summer. You may remember my Mermaid Bag from a previous post. Anyway, for this swap, you were to use some type of a container to hold all of your swap goodies, but first you had to decorate that container some way. I decided to make my container which turned out to be that mermaid bag which I knit out of raffia. I submitted a picture of it and turns out that I won the container contest. I'm tickled to death and way honored as there were some really nifty containers entered. This is the first thing I have ever won with one of my handmade projects. What a boost to the old ego! The picture that you see here is my prizes from Rebecca, who is one of the hostess'. In this swap the color combo was yellow and orange. Look what she sent me! That vintage table cloth is just like one my Mom had when I was a little girl. Rebecca made that lemon potholder, which I absolutely adore. It is already hanging in my kitchen! There is an orange tea towel and a bag of vintage buttons, ribbons, bias tape and a very cool old thimble. Thank you, Rebecca. I love it! I was actually stood up by my partner in this swap for the first time ever, but winning this wonderful prize so makes up for it. Keep an eye out for the next Sweet Goodness Swap...


Shelby said...

so sweet :)

Stacey said...

I keep waiting for news of a new baby.
I was at Park Co. Title yesterday & Kandie said " Maby the baby is being born right now!"
The raccoon's are so cute. It must be so fun to watch them!

happy zombie said...

How cute! As long as they don't get in your yard and cause trouble... then they are cute!

I'd love to join you on that covert operation under the cloak of darkness! Sounds so ninja-warrior James Bond Mission Impossible Rambo Miss Marple kind of fun!!!

Watching and waiting for baby news too. Brittany looks like she's having boy - my guess. I'm 50% right, I know that!

Lucy said...

Congratulations on your win again!! I thought your partner was back in contact with you that she was sending her package, I'm glad you mentioned this so we can take her off of our lists of participants....we don't want any flakers to join!!

Hope the baby comes soon!!

Oh--and I just sent you an email about your purchase, let me know if you got it or not :)


monique said...

OOOOHHHHHHH how very cute!!!
Congratulations with your price. You really earned it!
I think Britany is going to have a daughter.

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you like the prizes! I was so lucky to find that table cloth in the right colors just when I was hunting orange and yellow things. :) So sorry about the partner sigh . . . we are working to keep that from happening in future swaps and we hope you'll join again despite the issue.

can't wait for baby!

Terri said...

I can't wait to meet your new puppy! (all sweet dogs are puppies, even if there 20y.o.!)

Here's a question for you...I have been hesitating about joining swaps, because I worry I won't choose well. How do you decide what to send? Just things that you would like to recieve yourself, or what?
Happy Saturday!
P.S. If the deer become problematic with their grazing, try hanging plastic milk bottles from the tree. The theory is that white tail deer "flag" their tails up when there's danger, so if they see the white milk bottles spinning around, they take that as a "danger flag" and run away.