Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Little Bit of Our Storm...

First, these guys are our hero's. They have come in from all over the West and are working around the clock to get power restored to all parts of the Coast. What an incredible job they have done and are still doing. They won't be finished for a long time yet to come. Thank you so much, Linemen. You guys are wonderful!!

Next thing, our Shilo turned 18 last tuesday, December 4th. Not a darn thing wrong with turning 18 in the dark with no hot water for even a shower. Things could definately be worse, our house was still standing strong. Riff actually found a birthday cake at Fred Meyer which was opened for business thanks to generators. He bbq'ed sirloin steaks on the grill, made alfredo noodles and pea's on the Coleman camp stove, I whipped up some Kool-Aid and we had a party! Happy Birthday, Shilo Christine!

Hundreds of houses on the North Coast look just like this, with their gable ends just completely gone.

This is our neighbors house from our "old" neighborhood, which is really not far from our "new" neighborhood. It actually looked like the tree didn't damage the house much, thank Heavens.

Hundreds of thousands of our trees were either tipped over, roots and all, or have just been sheared off. It's an incredible sight.
I have been nursing a nasty cold all week, so really didn't get out to see much of the damage, (plus that was a big no-no. You were not supposed to be out looky-looing at all), so these pictures are just from our neighborhood.

Please keep all those whose homes have been devastated in your thoughts and prayers...


Adrienne said...

Paula - Thank you for sharing pictures of your area. And thank you for your emails. I just can't imagine the devastation between where I live and there. I can visualize so much from your pictures since we lived there and loved every square inch of Astoria and the Oregon Coast commmunity. Prayers continue for you and the others affected by this terrible storm.

Happy birthday to Miss Shilo. Glad there was something special - Riff did a good job with the cake and BBQ!

Blessings as you recover from your nasty cold.

Shelby said...

OH my goodness the damage is horrible. Glad you are ok.

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday Shilo!!
you will always remember your 18th birthday... and that is a good thing!!
I am so happy that your place received no damage... it came mighty close to you... but God kept you under his protective wing through the storm...
and gave Shilo a great memory of her 18th birthday!!
Blessings to your family,

Happy Zombie said...

Happy Birthday Shilo! Amazing... everyone in town must have known it was your birthday - I saw everyone's houses had candles lit for you!

Great pics and great post Paula! I have internet and cable as of last night. Whoo whooo! I love those linemen. They rock and I heart them so much!

LEArning4Him: Lea Family Homeschool said...

Happy Birthday Shilo!!!