Saturday, December 08, 2007

Today's Trivia

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Yesterdays answer:
There are 4 weeks in Advent, traditionally marked with a series of 4 Advent candles, one lit each week of Advent.

Today's question:
In what country did the Christmas tree tradition begin: Spain or Germany?

Leave your answer in the comment section for a chance at the after Christmas drawing.


Jeni said...

I believe that would be Germany. Some things I have read also attribute the first tree to Martin Luther - founder of the Lutheran church. I read that someplace about 3 years ago when doing an article about Christmas but now I have no clue where the heck I read that.

bettsy said...

I'd say Germany - and I also read recently that Germany was the first for artificial trees - made with goose feathers. Gotta love trivia.

Lucy said...

I'm going with Germany as well--something I read many moons ago brings this to mind. I'm trying not to cheat and look up the answer..LOL

Terri said...

I have always heard it was a German tradition.

When Prince Albert married Victoria, he brought the tradition with him and after that it spread to America (though I would imagine other German immigrants had already put up a tree or two in America. I think the royal family of England doing it just made it "cool")

Mary said...

The Christmas tree originally was a German tradition. The history is very interesting.


brittany said...

am i allowed to play? if i can i think it's germany.

Paula said...

Yes, Brittany ~ You are allowed to play ~ silly girl!