Friday, December 07, 2007

We're Back!

and safe and sound. We just had our power restored late this afternoon after being out since last Sunday. Those 137 mph winds that were clocked here in Astoria did some mighty big damage to the entire Oregon, Washington and Northern California coast. I'm not sure how far north the winds reached, but I am here to tell you that there are still thousands of people without power right now and one small mountain town that I know of, Vernonia, that is completely flooded out. Our thoughts and prayers to all of those people who are still in the dark tonight. May you all keep warm and fed.

I will have some pictures to share tomorrow of just a bit of the local damage. We have some friends whose garage is flattened to the ground, others with trees laying on their homes. We came very close to losing our big picture window, but all is intact and we will get the insurance adjuster out when things calm down. Our damage is very minor.

What a time to start a daily trivia post, huh?! Thank you all for participating in last WEEKS question. Yes, the answer is "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and all those correct answers are in my little basket.
Today's question is:
Traditionally, how many weeks are there in Advent?
Leave your answer in my comments section to be entered into the after Christmas drawing and check back for tomorrow's question and todays answer.

Blessing all ~ Stay safe all you Coast dwellers...


Lucy said...

I'm glad your safe and sound--can't believe the hand Mother Natures has dealt our west coast friends! I'm glad your power is back on, that had to be a nightmare in and of itself!

As far as your trivia question, I have no idea but I'll say 3 weeks????

Terri said...

There's four weeks in Advent! (each purple candle in the Advent wreath!)

So glad you are safe. That storm sounds terrifying!! Good test for how well built the new house is, though, hu?

God bless.

LEArning4Him: Lea Family Homeschool said...

There are 4 weeks in Advent starting with the 1st Sunday closest to Nov. 30th.

Stacey said...

Wow, that is a realy long time to be out of power!!!
Was everything closed down, or could you buy grocery's. Did it get cold in your house?
Sounds Skary!!!

Mimi said...

wonderful news that you were not damaged any worse... of course I know how hard it is trying to salvage your food when you power is out...during one of the hurricanes our power was out for 4 days...
so I also pray for you as you try to put your house back in order after making do for almost a week...

Chookyblue said...

pleased you are all ok........oh and 4 weeks in advent.

Adrienne said...

Paula - I'm glad you're back and safe and sound. I've missed you. Thank you for the email. As I shared, you were on my heart and in my prayers much as you and our Coastal neighbors dealt with the storm. I remember winds and storms when we lived in Astoria and later on the southern Oregon Coast but nothing like this one. I wondered about your window - glad it's intact. Yes, our friends in Vernonia need much prayer and help as they try to rebuild their town and their lives. ~Adrienne~

happy zombie said...

I am so glad you are ok!!! We fared like you, thank God! Our for-sale house has outside damage, but house is great. Our neighbors at the new house was destroyed... They are now living at our old house while they rebuild. St. Joe-Joe has been working hard all along - and I knew that!!!

Still no Internet for us, but at least I have my iPhone (even though it's taken me 15 minutes to leave this comment, LOL. Oh Paula, I'm so glad you all are ok!!!

PS... We have a new view now. I can see your house now and i bet you can see me too! Hope to see you soon, xoxo,m