Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Boots spent a long day working in the garden and really needed a drink at the local watering hole.


Happy Zombie said...

I danno... Boots doesn't look that thirsty to me. I think Boots is just trying diversionary tactics - and the real mission at hand it to get that darling red post box I love so much, and secretly replace it with my ho-hum ordinary mailbox.

Happy Zombie said...

On closer look at the photo.... I think Boots is preparing his pot for bird soup...

Water. Check.
Salt and pepper. Check.
Chives. Tomatoes. Check.

Sweet P said...

I think I would change the name of the photo to:

Got Fish? or, more suited to Happy Zombie's thoughts:

Got Birds?

Stacey's Treasures said...

Boots is such a Cool cat.
He does live the good life!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

Being a curious kitty, he wants to know what it is about the bowl that causes the birdies to want to get wet all over.
Thanks for your encouragement.
Mama Bear

Tipper said...

Great picture-I had a cat named Boots when I was a kid.