Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here's My Sign

Remember Bill Engvall's Here's Your Sign comedy routine for people doing and saying really stupid things? Well, last week I handed myself the stupid sign. I participated in two, (yes, count them. TWO!), 4th of July swaps. I wasn't going to do it, but I love 4th of July decorations and they aren't the easiest things to find, so I caved into the pressure in my own mind and signed up for both of these swaps. One was hosted by Mommy Holly and the other by none other than the Sweet Goodness Girls. One of the requirements for the Very Vintage Red, White and Blue swap was to send your goodies in a decorated red, white and blue box. Now how fun is it to get a decorated box on your steps? The box in the picture above is the one that I sent to my partner Katie. I decorated that box, put my swap goodies inside and taped it up to within an inch of it's life. There's no getting into that box without ruining the paper on the top. I was sitting on the floor in my craft room while doing this and after securing the last piece of tape, I stood up. Mercy Me! What the heck is that "America" banner, the one that I made for Katie, still doing hanging on the wall above my bookcase???? Holy Crap (or a few other choice words) came flying out of my mouth. I wasn't about to re-do that box, so I popped the banner into a manila envelope and Katie received two packages from me. One decorated - One not. Here's my sign...

This is the package that I received yesterday from Amy of Flamingos and Flip-Flops. Great, fun stuff! She embellished those flip-flops with red, white and blue ribbons and buttons. I can't wait to slip my toes into them, but am saving them for the 4th so that I don't get them all dirty before then. I know myself to well! There's some patriotic stars, a little wooden sign, a flag magnet, cupcake papers and sprinkles, paper plates and napkins and the most wonderful tin red and blue spoons. I love those spoons! Thank you, Amy, for a great package!

Here are the 4th of July banners that I made for these two swaps. The infamous-missed-getting-in-the-package banner is the "America" banner that went to Katie, Amy received the "Freedom" banner and I kept the "Liberty" one for myself. It's hanging across my craft room window and I really like it there. Shilo wants a "Freedom" one, so I'd better get cracking and get that one out before next week.

Katie has a brand-new baby and things are a bit hectic at her house, so I haven't yet received my package from her. I'm amazed that she's even participating and I know that she's got it under way. Don't worry, Katie. Take care of that baby and I'll be happy to get your goodies whenever they arrive!

Hope you all are having a bit of patriotic creating going on at your houses these days! If you're sending a package to someone, please remember to put the fun stuff IN the package before taping it up. Works better that way...


Love Bears All Things said...

Well, I once participated in a swap and mailed the package to myself. Shhh, don't tell anyone.
I like the banners. I am going to create myself one someday.
Mama Bear

Stacey's Treasures said...

Those banners are so awesome!
Yes, I've done things like that too.

Adrienne said...

Oh wow! Those banners are really cool. Nicely done.

I've had too many of those 'taped box' moments - too many to count!

Shelby said...

I like the banners too! I've sooooooo done things like that - and stupider even.


Twisted Fencepost said...

That SO sounds like something I would do.
All your stuff is adorable. Both received and given!

Mary said...


I have done that before. Got a package ready to be mailed and realized I'd left something out. Yes, I used a manilla envelope too. lol

You received some beautiful gifts through the swap. Enjoy!


Terri Pollhein said...

What fun!!!!

Katie said...

Paula, I love everything you sent me! Thank you for being such an amazing swap partner - your package was really fun to open and you were so nice about me being late. I hope you received my package in time to enjoy some of the things on the Fourth! I completely identify with caving to the pressure in your own mind when it comes to swaps (case in point)!