Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pub Crawling in Astoria

Pub Crawl- to move in a group from one drinking establishment to the next, drinking at each;  also known as the "gin crawl", "beer crawl" and "Bohemian Death March".

Back in December, we had a rough day of work with no holiday cheer to speak of, so my friend Lisa and I decided to head down to one of the local hot spots for some holiday cheer in the form of Hot Buttered Rums.  We asked all of our co-workers to join us after work and a few people and their spouses showed up.  My brother, Joshua, was visiting from New York and we all enjoyed some lively conversation along with our warm rum.  Before the night ended, we decided we needed to do this again.  Astoria has quite a few old taverns that have been here for many many years.  How about a pub crawl, only hitting the old time taverns and pubs?  Sounds fun to me! 

Our Pub Crawl took place a couple of weeks ago and was a hit!  We started out at the Portway Tavern, "the oldest watering hole in the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies."  It's a very fine establishment that boasts a few bra's hanging from the ceiling.  I think perhaps some wild times have been had here...?

From here, we headed to The Triangle;  a very old triangle shaped bar that back in the day was a cafe'.  In The Triangle, the walls are adorned with some really intersting old pictures of Astoria and the barstools are full of some Astoria characters indeed!

Next, it was on to Mary Todd's Workers Bar and Grill.  The Workers is known for their giant servings of prime rib.  A couple of the men were contemplating partaking in a slab of beef but I think we scared the poor lone bartender/waitress to death when 12 of us came traipsing in to her bar.  We were informed that there was only a couple of pieces of prime left, so we drank up and moved on to....

Merry Time!  Merry Time has good bar food.  Burgers, nacho's, fish 'n chips and even the occasional prime rib.  (Why oh why didn't I snap a few shots of our nourishment?)   Here the party got into full swing as Lisa talked Bill into doing a shot of tequila with her.  Wildness! 

Riff and I were party poopers and this was our last stop before heading home.  (It was 8 o'clock after all - lol!)  A few of the die hards kept going to the Dirty D, (Desdemonda Club) and ended up at the Labor Temple before the night was over.  The Labor Temple is one of those places that every town has.  You know, the one that stays open all night and serves you breakfast before you go home.  It's also a building full of local history, built in 1924, it is the oldest Union Hall in the Pacific Northwest.  Very cool to end the night with a history lesson!

It was a fun night, (well, early evening for us), and we are thinking next time...BOWLING! 

The scrapbook layout above was done with my new My Memories software.  It's only my second attempt and I really like how it turned out.  Scroll down to my last post to find out how to win your own set!  You don't have to be a blogger to enter!


Mary said...

Paula, sounds like you had fun. I just learned a week or so ago that I'm not far from your brother. I would love to meet you at the Falls. Let me know.


Sara said...

Sounds like FUN!

Bonnie said...

We would have probably headed home after the first round. We just don't stay out late anymore. Is it aging? Lovely layout. Bonnie

Stacey's Treasures said...

That is a cool way to end the day!!!

Becky said...

Love the scrapbook layout!
And I would have loved to have tagged along with the pub crawl crowd. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Susan said...

I want to go explore the old pubs and bars!! Sounds like a lot of fun!